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4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap – Square Neck – GMG

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This Square Neck 4 in 1 Instant Boiling Water Tap is an innovative and stylish addition to any kitchen. The colour finish creates a sleek look whilst the square neck provides a contemporary touch.

In addition to its elegance and style, this tap also provides a number of amazing features that will help maximise efficiency in the kitchen.

Perfect for home and the workplace

Containing the 4 in 1 feature, this beautifully crafted tap provides you with instant boiling water as well as filtered cold water, mains cold water and mains hot water. The high functionality means all of our taps are perfect for both home and workplace kitchens.

The ability to access boiling water at the touch of a button means there is no need to wait around for the kettle to boiling, freeing up valuable time in the workplace and at home.

More sustainable than a kettle

Instant boiling water taps can be much more sustainable than boiling a traditional kettle as you only release the water you need to use. Having control over the water you are using means no more overfilling the kettle and potentially wasting water.

All our taps at Fahren are designed to be easy to install and simple to use. With your first order, we will provide a replaceable filter free of charge to ensure your water is free of impurities and limescale buildup.

At Fahren, it’s our priority to provide clean, great-tasting drinking water and instant boiling water safely and efficiently. We are also committed to reducing our customers’ carbon footprint and use only the highest-grade materials in our products.

We have spent the time perfecting our taps and technology’s performance so that you can enjoy the benefits.

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