Swan Neck Boiling Water Taps

Upgrade your kitchen with a swan neck instant boiling water tap

Swan Neck Instant Boiling Water Taps

Fahren UK offers a range of boiling water taps in the traditional swan neck design to maintain the antique charm in your kitchen, but with instant hot water at the twist of a handle.

It’s the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity that is bound to have all your friends and family envious. Gone are the days of waiting for the kettle or saucepan to boil as water is stored at the optimal temperature in an under-the-sink tank so that when you turn on the tap, boiling water is delivered instantly.

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Timeless Kitchen Designs & Ideas to match a swan neck boiling water tap

  • What is a traditional kitchen design?
  • Best ways to recreate a classic kitchen design style
  • Charming traditional kitchen design ideas

There’s more to traditional kitchen design than meets the eye, hence the ongoing popularity of this style even in the 21st century.

Traditional kitchens have a vintage charm that brings personality into the busiest hub of the house and will be a timeless addition to your home.

As manufacturers of boiling water taps, we’ve seen our fair share of traditional and contemporary kitchen designs, and our preference seems to change every time we see one of our client’s kitchens.

While kitchen trends come and go, traditional kitchens will remain a popular design style for their warmth, elegance and classy appeal. So, if you’re struggling to design the classic kitchen of your dreams, we’ve covered the best ways to create this beloved kitchen style in your home. 

What is a Traditional Kitchen Design?

Traditional kitchens are all about character and tend to feature a lot of warm, natural materials such as wooden cabinets and flooring. The idea is to create a formal, homey, comfortable, and inviting space all at once.

Some traditional kitchens also incorporate warm metals such as brass and gold on door handles and tap fixtures to enhance style points.

Think sage green units, patterned flooring, swan neck taps and marble countertops. Traditional kitchens also tend to feature range ovens, butler sinks and retro fridge freezers to embody the heritage look.

The majority of our coloured taps would fit nicely in a traditional setting. See our range of 4-in-1 boiling water taps as well as our 3-in-1 tap collection.

The traditional kitchen breathes life into the home all year round and can work in both period homes and modern spaces – you don’t have to live in an Elizabethan house to recreate a traditional-style kitchen.

If you want to add vintage charm to the heart of your home, these classic and characterful design ideas will help inspire your interior reno.

Classic Coffered Ceiling

For centuries, coffered ceilings have crowned kitchens, creating an atmosphere of wealth and elegance. Add period furniture and glass-front cabinets, and you’ve created an authentic vintage space.

Coffered ceilings work particularly well in open-plan kitchens or large kitchens with plenty of lighting and a massive centre island to accommodate cooking and entertaining. Hang classy pendant lights over your island to create an illuminated dining nook and focal piece.

Glass Display Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you opt for translucent or frosted glass, display kitchen cabinets are the epitome of tradition and have been found in kitchens for decades.

They break up the monotony of solid fronted doors and reflect light in interesting ways to create the illusion of depth, especially when placed near windows. If you want to make a statement, showcase beautiful crockery and sentimental heirlooms in the cabinet to add more character.

Incorporate task lights into the shelves to highlight these items and enhance your display.

Furniture-Inspired Kitchen Island

Complement your kitchen’s vintage aesthetics with a furniture-inspired island embellished with corner posts, built-in shelves and a wooden countertop to personify the space.

If you want to tell a story through furniture, convert a haberdashery cabinet into a kitchen island – the pullout drawers will provide easy access to cutlery and dishware!

Our readers who regularly entertain could enhance their island with built-in cubby holes to house your favourite bottles of wines.

Detailed Embellishments

In traditional kitchen designs, islands and other features take on the appearance of furniture due to the fine handcrafted details and embellishments.

Intricate moulding details, decorative range hoods and recessed columns on an island exude elegance and tradition. Don’t be afraid to be fancy, as these finer details will elevate your traditional kitchen design and add a regal touch.

Black-and-White Kitchen

The classic black and white tile has transcended time and become a staple feature of traditional kitchen designs.

The Black and white colour palette has become a timeless trend, synonymous with vintage-style elements and traditional kitchen design. While choosing a primarily white kitchen with black decor is the safest choice, there’s no harm in being bold and using white as accents in a dark kitchen.

Team black and white with wood to add rustic charm or marble to exude an elegance that lends itself to period properties. A patterned floor tile will bring character to the space, while a farmhouse-style sink and range oven will build on the antique appeal.

If you love the rich, characteristic style of traditional kitchens, here are some modern ways to achieve the vintage appeal in the heart of your home.

Modernise Traditional With an Instant Boiling Water Tap

A traditional kitchen doesn’t need to be deprived of the latest technology and appliances. For example, swan neck instant boiling water taps are a great classic design choice while being more functional and convenient than conventional faucets.

Did you know that three-quarters of British households overfill the kettle, resulting in a total average loss of £68 million each year?

You could save money, energy and time by installing a boiling water tap while simultaneously streamlining your kitchen surfaces. Fahren UK boiling water taps in the Celsius and K&W Collection also come with temperature control settings so that you can set the water to your desired temperature.

Wood And Green Decor

There is a charm and beauty in kitchens that utilise organic materials such as reclaimed timber, birch plywood and natural stones.

Using different wood and woodgrains can give the kitchen a more homely, eco-friendly feel. With green being a colour that we associate with nature when natural resources are combined with this shade, the traditional kitchen becomes a space brimming with personality.

You can incorporate wood into the kitchen in many different ways, from cabinets to countertops, breakfast bars and accessories. Pair your wooden appliances and furniture with green kitchen tiles and brass accents to breathe life into your traditional kitchen design.

Fake-It-Till-You-Make-It With Wallpaper

One of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve a traditional-style kitchen is to use wallpaper.

Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper can perfectly complement farmhouse-inspired kitchens as the decor associated with this style is infused with a lot of detail and charm.

Go bold with wallpaper designs that feature flower motifs or use patterned pale grey wallpaper for an expensive baroque feel. Continue your wallpaper pattern into surrounding accessories such as vases, pottery, and cushions for breakfast chairs.

You don’t need to own a periodic house to recreate a farmhouse feel; wallpaper is a prime example of how incorporating vintage trends into your interior can bring the rustic charm to life.

Swap Out Your Traditional Cooker For A Range

When it comes to traditional kitchen styles, you can’t overlook the range cooker, which has a classic aesthetic and offers more oven and cooking space than conventional cookers.

Although range cookers tend to carry a hefty price tag, it can be a real statement piece. That said, you’ll need to carefully consider your space and lifestyle when choosing your range cooker.

Start by configuring the proportions of your kitchen and creating a symmetrical layout with the range cooker at the heart of the room to double as an aesthetic focal point.

Emulate the Old With Period Furniture

Complement your coffered ceiling with wooden furniture to help create a balance throughout the room.

Remember, traditional kitchens are all about creating harmony, so nothing should stand out too much—pair floral wallpaper with wooden benches to create a nostalgic feeling and add a chandelier to exude elegance.

Fringed pendant lamps and linen blinds will complement any traditional kitchen design. If you want to go all out, switch your conventional fridge freezer for an American-style 1950s inspired model in a bold colour.

What colours do our taps come in?

Our swan neck hot taps come in a variety of exciting colours: