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Call us on 020 3988 2278 


At Fahren, we have sustainability as one of our core values.  We achieve this in the efficiency, cost savings and waste reduction we provide to our customers through the use of our products. 


  • Use less energy than heating a kettle several times a day.
  • Provides instant boiling water thus saving time.
  • Saving water as any unused standing kettles water is replaced with fresh water from the tap

Cost saving

  • Save on Energy costs – costs of heating a kettles is 2.5p and on average a kettle is heated 5 times a day (more in businesses) therefore costing 12.5p a day compared to the cost of the Fahren instant boiling water tap of just 3p a day.
  • Save on time – A kettle take approximately 3 minutes to heat from full, therefore over the course of the day a person typically waits 15min for kettles to boil compared to no waiting with a Fahren instant boiling water tap.
  • Save on water costs – Most people heat a full kettle to make one cup of tea/coffee, and then return a few hours later and end up replacing the kettle water, this leads to a lot of waste and can be avoided with a Fahren instant boiling water tap.

Waste reduction

  • Reduction in energy waste
  • Reduction in water waste
  • Reduction in plastic waste as Fahren instant boiling water taps provide filtered cold water therefore there is no need to be buying bottled water.  Let’s work together to protect our environment and stop plastic from ending up in our oceans and beaches.

Read our complete guide on purchasing an instant boiling water tap.

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