Rose Gold Boiling Water Taps

Upgrade your kitchen with a rose gold instant boiling water tap

Rose Gold Instant Boiling Water Taps

Whether you’re creating a modern or traditional kitchen design, one of the most inventive ways to introduce rose gold into your kitchen is with a stylish, new tap.

With its soft, pinkish tinge, a rose gold boiling water tap will immediately upgrade the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and make an excellent centrepiece. Fahren UK’s Rose Gold Instant Boiling Water Tap is one of our most popular kitchen faucets, not only for the colour, but its convenience.

All of our taps are both visually striking and incredibly functional. Save time, energy and water with a hot water tap from our Celsius, K&W and Kelvin collections.

Our Rose Gold taps look great in both the traditional swan neck style as well as the more contemporary square neck.

Best Ways to Use Rose Gold in Your Kitchen: Design Ideas & Decor

Rose Gold Kitchen Ideas: Design & Decor

Rose gold finishes have become increasingly popular kitchen design options in homes throughout the country. From stunning blush decor to rose gold accents, look no further than rose gold if you’re looking for ways to make your kitchen more stylish.

Whether you’re looking to do a complete kitchen overhaul or make a few minor changes, we’re going to share some inspirational ideas on how to achieve the perfect rose gold look in your kitchen and transform the heart of your home. As the old adage goes with interior design: start with the things you touch; what better way to bring your kitchen to life than a rose gold instant boiling water tap.

How to Incorporate Rose Gold Into Your Kitchen

The easiest way to add rose gold into your kitchen is by replacing your kitchen appliances, which will add a touch of glamour to the space. We’re talking kettles, toasters, pots and pans – and of course, kitchen taps! We often see this look in contemporary kitchens, where black or dark grey units are paired with rose gold accessories to create stunning contrast.

Rose gold is also a lovely alternative to copper and gold on fixtures and fittings in more traditional kitchen styles for an understated touch. If you want to pare back the look further, add rose gold handles to feature units rather than all your kitchen cabinets. 

What is a Rose Gold Finish?

Not quite gold and not quite copper… rose gold is distinguished by its pinkish hue, making it a popular choice for kitchen designs.

Rose gold is actually an alloy composed of pure gold and copper, hence the variety of shades.

Metallic colour choices have significantly expanded in the past few years. Still, as with any colour, it can be a little intimidating to coordinate accessories and appliances with rose gold. The key is subtlety – when paired with the right primary colours, this warming finish looks beautiful.

You can pair rose gold with both dark and light kitchen units, especially white and black, as it enhances these neutral palettes. The blushing metal is also perfect as an accent, adding pops of colour to your kitchen canvas.

What other colours do we offer?

You can find our instant hot taps in the following colours:


The Best Ways To Use Rose Gold In Your Kitchen

Neutral kitchens often crave a pop of colour but knowing where to start with rose gold can often be challenging. From accessories to fittings, we’re going to show you how you could create a perfect balance of colour in your kitchen when introducing rose gold into the space.

Rose Gold Instant Hot Water Taps

Interior design addicts will tell you that adding metallics to your kitchen will revolutionise the space and make the busiest hub in your house the envy of friends and family.

Gone are the days of waiting for the kettle or saucepan to boil water. With our rose gold boiling water taps, you can dispense boiling water in an instant – saving you money and time.

Fahren UK rose gold kitchen taps are available in two designs, a more contemporary square neck style and a traditional swan neck to complement any kitchen design.

Make A Statement With Rose Gold Lighting

Lights are becoming statement pieces, and you could play with blush shades by introducing pendant lights into your kitchen.

An increasing number of homeowners are opting for large hanging lamps over kitchen islands, which is a great way to create a focal area in the heart of your home.

If you want to set the mood, install a dimmer switch, and you’ll see just how beautiful rose gold looks in low lighting.

Switch to Rose Gold Kitchen Fittings

Although subtlety is key, it’s possible to incorporate rose gold boldly without the kitchen feeling overpowered.