Matte Black Boiling Water Taps

Upgrade your kitchen with a matte black instant boiling water tap.

Matte Black Instant Boiling Water Taps

If you want to give your kitchen that “wow” factor, matte black boiling water taps can achieve just that, creating both a sleek and striking feel. From simple mixer taps to the trending instant boiling water taps, matte black faucets could elevate the overall look of your kitchen.

But how do you choose the right one?

Why not make life more convenient with an instant boiling water tap, which can be more cost-efficient than traditional taps in the long run. Browse the excellent taps we have on offer in our K&W, Celsius, and Kelvin collections.

Best Ways to Use Matte Black in Your Kitchen: Design Ideas & Decor

Matte Black Kitchen Ideas For Every Style and Design

  • Matte black is a timeless colour perfect for kitchens
  • 5 reasons to love matte black kitchen designs
  • How to introduce matte black into the heart of the home

Black isn’t the first thing that comes to mind regarding kitchen design, but who’s to say your kitchen can’t break away from conventional standards?

We’ve seen a collection of stunning kitchens that incorporate darker shades into the design, emitting a seductive but sophisticated allure that light colours cannot achieve.

If you’re looking for a chic way to make a statement in the heart of your home, consider black or the on-trend matte black, which pairs beautifully with a variety of colour palettes.

Demand for matte black has risen in recent years, and it’s no wonder as this sultry, flattering and timeless colour has several design advantages. The most significant is its ability to create strong focal points – a signature technique of a premium contemporary look.

Black kitchens are redefining cooking and entertainment spaces. From charcoal to granite, if you’re looking for black kitchen inspiration, we’ve covered a few ways you can introduce this ultra-modern colour into your home.

Why is Matte Black a Hot Trend in Kitchen Design?

Matte black is everywhere, from luxury cars to radiators and everything in between. Unlike its glossier cousin, matte gives black a warmer, inviting, standout look and has gained popularity as a modern finish for interiors.

Here are five reasons to love matte black and utilise the colour in your kitchen.

Hides Surface Imperfections

Although matte black isn’t waterproof or smudge-proof, as light doesn’t reflect off the high points, it can help hide surface imperfections.

It’s also relatively splashproof, making it an ideal finish for countertops and kitchen sinks or taps where you want to hide all those watermarks.

Softens the Appearance of Black

The matte finish can soften the harsh appearance of the colour black can sometimes give off and revolutionise the space. Interior design photographer Lauren Rubinstein notes that matte black can make “smaller spaces seem more legal and larger rooms, dramatic but inviting.”

You can add balance to rooms that incorporate matte black by using it as an accent against white walls and fittings or by ensuring there is ample lighting if you’re going for a dark overhaul.

Matte black and white is a popular combination for several reasons. The most notable is that it can look great at any level – even if you’re on a budget – as its artistic quality speaks to the strengths of luxury brands.

Grabs Attention

Matte black is a versatile colour that can be introduced as a stunning focal piece by way of a kitchen island or as smaller fixtures and decor that complement the overall design and absorb the shine of gleaming stainless steel or marble.

Black window trims are a creative way to make a subtle statement in the kitchen, presenting the scenery outside like a gallery piece while simultaneously elevating the interior.

Consider using matte black for items you want to pop, such as kitchen taps, decorative lighting, oven hoods and porcelain. If you’re thinking about making a striking visual impact, use a matte black background – just remember lighting is vital; you don’t want to make the space so dark that it interferes with cooking, dining and other kitchen tasks.

Pairs Beautifully With Warm Metals

If you want to prevent dark colours from looking dull or ominous, pair these palettes with warm metals such as brass and copper, bringing a luxurious, homey feel into the space.

Demand for warm metals has caught wind in recent years, with everything from tech to cutlery now widely available in rose gold, gold, brass and copper. There is nothing more modern than mixing metals, and when paired with matte black, they instantly update the kitchen space and soften dark colours.

Matte Black is Timeless

While matte black is a stylish and daring finish to utilise in kitchen designs, it’s a timeless colour that won’t go out of style.

Many of our clients tend to worry about combining traditional and modern designs. However, matte black is a finish that can give a conventional piece of furniture a contemporary edge and vice versa. For example, you could use the shade to highlight architectural elements or start small and add matte black fixtures and fittings into your kitchen.

Whether you want to create a periodic or a minimalist modern kitchen, matte black can be used tastefully in any design. 

Tips on How to Use Matte Black in Your Kitchen

If you want to create a kitchen design that will last longer than the next fad, consider incorporating matte black into the space.

We’ve seen matte black boiling water taps, trim, doors and walls in hundreds of homes and neutrals are expected to increase in popularity over the coming years. Black is always timeless, amplifying the level of sophistication in the room and creating depth that draws the eye without being overwhelming.

Whether black becomes the defining character of the kitchen or a consistent subtle element, we’re going to cover the best ways to implement the stunning shade in the heart of your home.

Tap Into Dark Hues

Painting your entire kitchen black might seem a little daunting. If that’s the case for you, why not start small and start with your kitchen faucets?

Unlike traditional faucets, 4-in-1 boiling water taps dispense filtered chilled, boiling, hot and cold mains water at the push of a button. With great-tasting water at your fingertips, that means no more waiting for the kettle to boil or stacking fridge shelves with bottled water.

Our Matte Black instant hot water taps also come with safety mechanisms to protect vulnerable people and prevent accidental scalding, keeping you in peace of mind.

Layer Black on Black

To make a bold statement, layer black on black and create a sultry, sophisticated look.

Add different textures and shades to help break up the space. For example, matte black cupboards look stunning against charcoal walls for a showstopping, coordinated approach to decor. Alternatively, create a texture-rich space by combining unexpected materials such as brick and marble.

Pair black appliances and furniture with punch-patterned black flooring to create an expensive-looking space. 

Statement Lighting

Want to introduce black into your kitchen with subtlety? Pendant lighting could help you achieve a sophisticated look without overpowering the space.

Matte black lighting fixtures will stand the test of time. Add low hanging black mesh lights over dining tables and islands for a rustic look, which doubles as a great focal piece.

Our readers interested in contemporary kitchen designs might want to consider matte black halo lighting or a stylish flush ceiling light to brighten up the space and create a more modern appearance.

If you regularly entertain in your kitchen, have a dimmer switch fitted to help you set the mood.

Black and Natural Wood

Black and wood create a pleasing contrast, adding organic character and warmth to the busiest hub of the house.

Timber textures will also keep the space from looking too intense. Instead, the rustic twist makes the design more inviting—pair matte black cabinets and cupboards with wooden bar stools and woodgrain floors for an ultra-contemporary look.

If you have a small kitchen, introduce chevron wooden floors, which can create the illusion of a much larger space as the pattern helps to draw the eye across the layout.

Make A Small Statement

Most kitchens are designed from a neutral palette, and if you’re keen to keep your lighter space, matte black fixtures are trending.

Sometimes less is more, and we’ve seen matte black cabinet handles, sinks, and trims have just as much impact on the kitchen’s overall aesthetic as spaces that use the colour boldly.

We’re so used to seeing chrome and metallic fittings in kitchens that we find ourselves staring at matte black alternatives, which are sleeker and more stylish. Neutral colours work well with black fixtures and successfully integrate into contemporary spaces and heritage or country-style kitchens.

Touchable Countertops

Whether glossy or matte, black countertops will make your dishes shine; accessories pop and won’t stain. What’s not to love?

Matte black countertops are the more resilient choice as this texture won’t get smudged or show streaks easily, making it an ideal choice for kitchens that are high-traffic areas prone to spills.

Black countertops aren’t just for modern spaces either, as darker hues also work well in traditional kitchen designs and make for an appealing contrast against rustic shelves or colourful backsplashes.

Inky granite countertops look particularly luxurious in the heart of the home.

We have a range of other colours across our three collections. Our taps also come in: