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Rose Gold Kitchen Ideas

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Rose gold accents are becoming an increasingly popular design option when it comes to kitchen décor. From rose gold kitchen accessories to appliances, these finishing touches can add a touch of class to any kitchen.

This article explains how to achieve the perfect rose gold look in your kitchen, helping to provide design inspiration and style tips for the heart of your home. You can check out our Rose Gold and Copper Blush hotwater taps here.


What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a copper-like colour with a pink tinge and is considered more understated than the traditional gold, making it a perfect accent colour for your kitchen.

As with any colour, it’s essential to subtly use it when redesigning your kitchen as too much can soon become overbearing.

Rose gold kitchen accessories can pop against both dark and light kitchen units and is particularly stunning against white, black and grey kitchens.

Rose gold kitchen styles

Although rose gold has recently risen in popularity, it is a versatile colour and can create both modern and traditional kitchen styles. To achieve a contemporary kitchen look, pairing rose gold accessories with black or dark grey units can create a beautiful contrast. For more traditional style kitchens, rose gold is a perfect alternative to copper and can be used in fixtures and fittings to create a vintage kitchen look.

The best ways to use rose gold in your kitchen

We’ve established that a little goes a long way when adding colour to your kitchen, but knowing where to start when creating a rose gold look can be challenging.

Rose gold kitchen taps

Kitchen taps are not only one of your kitchen’s most functional elements but can also elevate your overall aesthetic. Opting for a chic rose gold kitchen tap can help you create a sleek and contemporary look within your kitchen. If choosing a rose gold kitchen tap, it’s often best to pair this with a white or black kitchen sink to help maintain the modern look.

Rose gold light fixtures

Increasing numbers of homeowners are moving away from built-in kitchen lights and are opting for large hanging lamps over the dining table or kitchen island to make more of a statement. A rose gold kitchen lamp could be just what you need to create a chic, ambient vibe.

Rose gold kitchen fittings

Whilst subtlety is the key when adding rose gold features to your kitchen; it is still possible to achieve an understated look whilst incorporating rose gold kitchen fittings. Whilst not as common as other options, rose gold worktops are becoming more prevalent, particularly when paired with dark grey units. As mentioned previously, the combination of rose gold and dark grey can help achieve a modern feel to your kitchen. To add a further touch of contemporariness, we recommend choosing black or gunmetal grey kitchen taps to accompany a rose gold worktop.  

Rose gold door handles are another way to delicately add splashes of rose gold into the kitchen and is also a cheaper option than purchasing larger kitchen fittings. Teaming rose gold door handles with white, black or grey kitchen cabinets will really make the rose gold colour pop.

Rose gold kitchen chairs

Rose gold kitchen chairs are an excellent alternative to commonly used dark chairs, which can sometimes look too plain. Going for a rose gold option can help brighten up your kitchen, particularly against a white or grey dining table.

Rose gold kitchen accessories

Rose gold accessories are an ideal way to add a subtle touch of elegance to your kitchen. Something as simple as rose gold cutlery can make all the difference when taking your kitchen style to the next level. Whilst being an incredibly tasteful style option, it is also a relatively inexpensive way to incorporate rose gold into your kitchen, with rose gold cutlery sets available on Amazon for under £20.

Rose gold kitchen appliances

Purchasing rose gold kitchen appliances is another reasonably inexpensive way to add rose gold to your kitchen. Popular options include rose gold toasters, kettles and microwaves. When incorporating rose gold kitchen appliances, the phrase ‘less is more’ is particularly relevant. Choosing rose gold for larger kitchen appliances such as an oven or a fridge could become overwhelming, especially when teamed with additional smaller kitchen appliances. The aim is to make careful selections that will look classy and not too overstated.

Whilst a monochrome kitchen with rose gold accessories can create a timeless look; it’s important to remember that trends and styles are constantly changing. As a result, it’s best to keep the rose gold kitchen accessories and appliances to a minimum to make it easier to make design changes further down the line. Small kitchen accessories and fittings are easily replaceable and can also be substituted relatively cheaply.

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