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Latest Kitchen Ideas and Trends 2021 – Fahren

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As we spend more time than ever before at home, it’s no wonder we are seeking new ways to adapt and innovate our living spaces.

The kitchen is fast becoming the most multifunctional and used room of the house, doubling up as workspaces, lounges and entertainment spaces due to the pandemic.

Stay-at-home orders have caused many of us to rethink the way we use our spaces, and as kitchens are becoming the centre attraction in homes, we’ve put together a guide on the latest kitchen trends and styles for 2021 – from decor to designs and appliances.

If it’s in your plans to revamp your kitchen or do a complete renovation, you’re sure to find some ideas here that inspire you and suit your needs.

Kitchen ideas 2021

Multifunctional kitchen spaces

Most will remember 2020 as the year of remote working, and for many, that reality will continue as working from home will likely become the norm in 2021 and beyond. 

With that being the case, many will be keen to adapt their kitchen spaces to create a more pleasant, multifunctional space for those working from home.

As fewer people are commuting, our kitchen priorities have changed, and maximising space has become increasingly important to homeowners in 2021.

Our kitchens are being kitted out with new technology and products, such as coffee machines and boiling water taps, which are the latest trend, as it allows homeowners to create a coffee shop experience from home.

Statement faucets with integrated technology

We expect statement taps to become one of the most prominent trends in 2021 as people seek to create standout kitchens.

According to the 2021 NKBA trend report, there has been increased interest in motion-control faucets and hands-free taps, as well as voice-activated taps, which are set to take the scene by storm this year.

These faucets increase productivity in the kitchen by allowing water to be dispensed by a simple command. Also, as people’s attitudes and behaviour towards hygiene have changed during the pandemic, these taps are more sanitary.

We also expect people to move away from mainstream colours this year, with gold faucets, black taps and matte finishes proving more popular than white or chrome sinks and taps.

Instant Boiling Water Taps

Instant Boiling Water Taps will also be a sought after accessory for the modern kitchen as these faucets free up work surfaces by removing the kettle while providing the luxury of instant hot water.

Instant Boiling Water Taps have become increasingly popular at home and overseas due to their convenience and sleek but subtle addition to the kitchen.

With a wide range of colours, finishes and types available, instant boiling water taps are a standout addition to the kitchen. For further information on boiling water faucets, please take a read of our comprehensive guide.

Farmhouse sinks

When it comes to sink trends, the farmhouse sink, which has been around for centuries, remains the designer favourite.

Not only do they add charm to your kitchen, but their minimalist lines and large basins offer a mix of timeless design and on-trend style.

Farmhouse sinks, which come in different colours, materials and designs, are also coveted for their deep basins, known for being extremely durable.

Broken plan living spaces are in season

Broken plan kitchens are the latest trend for those seeking more open, bright spaces and can be a clever use of space.

“Broken plan” refers to space divided into distinct zones using different flooring, cabinets or partitions such as open shelving, bookcases and glass panels.

It’s an ideal alternative for those who want to open their kitchens and allow multiple functions to occur simultaneously but still maintain a sense of separation and degree of privacy.

Living room decor in kitchens

With more people seeking open-plan spaces, homeowners have been introducing living room decor to their kitchens.

The trend results in kitchens perfect for socialising and relaxing than just dining and cooking.

The hidden kitchen is also a growing trend, where functional elements of the kitchen, such as the fridge, shelves, and cabinets, are concealed behind tall doors to give off a living room vibe.

More people are installing heated towel rails in their kitchens, too, to keep their tea towels and hand towels drier and fresher for longer.

Structured simplicity and new neutrals

When kitchen space is limited, a more minimalist approach with sweeping lines and integrated appliances will maximise the room’s dimensions.

Streamlined kitchens are expected to reach new heights of popularity in 2021. Create a contemporary look and make practical use of space with shelving that extends to the ceiling, ceiling racks for pots and pans and corner cupboards.

Pastel colours and neutral shades will help open up space and create a calming environment, while hidden storage will ensure clean lines are maintained.

Pendant lighting and hanging lights

More than just a practical feature, hanging lights are becoming a vital element of every kitchen design scheme. They can be grouped or hung solo over kitchen islands as a decorative statement.

Hanging chandeliers are expected to become popular in 2021 as we move away from the ultra-modern to the more rustic style. However, pendant lights come in various designs, allowing you to combine modern and traditional to add some rustic charm to your kitchen.

Stand out wood flooring

When renovating your kitchen interior, you must consider flooring, which is durable but modern, and it seems 2021 is the year of wood floors.

Medium browns and greys have struck the right note with homeowners undertaking renovation projects, as these colours offer a warm but luxurious feel to the kitchen.

If you want to make a statement in your kitchen without creating visual clutter, neutral walls, and patterned flooring is a great way to add an accent to your dining space.

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