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Kitchen ideas, trends, styles and inspiration for 2021

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The kitchen is often the most popular room in the house – used for cooking, dining and entertaining – so you want it to be a space that you look forward to spending time in.

It may seem difficult to believe that years ago, it was merely a functional room for cooking and washing up, given that it is now considered to be the heart of the home.

Aside from functioning appliances, most people want their kitchen to be a flexible space for sociable living as much as they are practical.

From Instant Boiling Water taps, unique backsplashes, wet zones and small space solutions – we’ve covered all the kitchen remodel inspiration you could ever desire.

So, if your kitchen is looking a bit tired, you’re renovating or simply looking for some inspiration, take a read of our design and style ideas that could help you transform your kitchen.

Bespoke hand-painted cabinets

Add some character to your kitchen with custom, hand-painted cupboards, which are easy to change or update if trends change.

While the painting process may be a little long, it can be customised to suit any interior and has become more popular among homeowners.

Hand-painted cupboards also have advantages against spray or factory finished cabinets as the paint does not chip as easily. Even if the paint wears, these types of cupboards are easy to repair by sanding down the damage or reapplying a coat of paint.

Hot water at your fingertips

The Instant Boiling Water Tap is fast becoming a staple kitchen appliance, and it’s easy to see why.

Not only are these types of taps sleek and stylish, but with boiling water on demand, there’s no need to wait for your kettle or saucepan to boil when you’re craving a cup of tea or coffee. 

Some boiling water faucets offer limitless cold-filtered water. The flexible installation options mean you could have these fitted on countertops away from your sink, next to your traditional tap or on the draining board itself.

The water boiler or chilling unit is often fitted underneath the worktop, offering maximum work surface space and seamless integration into your kitchen.

Take a look at Fahren UK’s range of stylish Instant Boiling Water taps.

Tiled Range Hoods

Are you feeling a little creative? How about using tiles to add some personality to your range hood?

Tiled range hoods are becoming an increasingly popular remodelling trend and can make a background fixture an impressive focal point in the home.

By covering your hood in the same material as your backsplash, you can bring some dimension to your kitchen and give an edge to your space.

Try a Glass Backsplash

Instead of tiling your backsplash, why not opt for a glass backsplash? While tiles, bricks, mosaic stones, steel and simple paint are popular backsplash options, glass looks beautiful in contemporary kitchens.

Glass backsplashes are not only stylish but highly versatile and practical as they are easier to clean than other backsplashes made of wood, stone or wallpaper. 

Glass can also help make spaces appear larger and more spacious – an advantageous option for those with smaller kitchens.

Streamline Space

If kitchen space is limited, there’s an abundance of ingenious small-space solutions you could utilise to maximise space without compromising on the overall look.

If you’re worried about storage space, install folding wood pocket doors, slim-lined cabinets or skinny shelves – all of which could be a significant game-changer for your kitchen space.

Where possible, integrate accessories and appliances into your kitchen to maximise space or conceal equipment in cupboards to free up work surface space and minimise countertop clutter.

If you’ve got a slightly bigger budget or own an apartment, you might want to consider fitting a “concealed kitchen”, which is both stylish and fully functional. 

Unlike traditional kitchens, the area can be concealed or revealed via sliding or bi-fold doors – maximising the functionality of limited space.

Decorate with greenery

Brighten up your kitchen by adding some greenery and create that summer feeling all year round.

Filling your kitchen with greenery is aesthetically pleasing and good for your health. Plants and herbs help purify the air, reduce stress, and increase the humidity of your space, which helps with respiratory issues.

Create a walled garden by hanging plants and herbs vertically near your oven, which works well for more traditional, rustic and country-style kitchens.

If you’d like to keep your kitchen space a little more conventional, hang potted plants near windows or add some greenery to your window sills to help create a naturalistic feel without compromising on space.

Islands with built-in hobs

The once-new idea of integrating hobs into kitchen islands is becoming a nascent trend as more people look to create more sociable and functional spaces.

Kitchen islands help to create a division between your dining and kitchen spaces, but by integrating your hob there, the cook can face outwards and socialise with guests or monitor young children while they prepare food.

Optimise your island further by installing sinks into the worktop or integrating a chopping board and draws into the unit, which will free up storage space in the rest of the kitchen.

One-wall appliances or “single-wall” kitchens

As the name suggests, “single-wall” kitchens employ a linear design, with all appliances, accessories and cabinetry concentrated in one area.

The single-wall kitchen can be just as practical as the classic triangle kitchen as it delivers a clean, smarter-looking space but with fewer units to play with; you’ll need to get creative about how to maximise storage.

Consider installing floor to ceiling cupboards and integrating larger appliances such as dishwashers, ovens and fridge freezers which will follow the design flow of your kitchen and make it seem less cluttered.

Kitchen zoning

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, remember to consider layout and organisation when designing or renovating.

Why not take a more comprehensive approach and incorporate zones into your kitchen, with the space being divided based on the activity that goes on in the kitchen.

Consider creating a cooking zone, which, as the name suggests, is where your oven, hobs and related equipment will be located, a wet zone for your sink, dishwasher and washing machine, and an eating zone for where you can sit down and enjoy meals.

If you have a small kitchen, you might need to overlap zones to accommodate space, but the concept is achievable nonetheless.

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