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How to create country kitchen décor

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When redesigning a kitchen, many homeowners like to achieve a traditional country kitchen style whilst also maintaining elements of a contemporary look. Whilst modern interiors remain popular for designers, injecting some country elegance into your décor can make your kitchen both warm and inviting.

This article covers the many ways in which you can create the perfect country kitchen décor to help add some further vitality into the heart of your home.

What helps create a country kitchen look?

With country kitchen styles becoming even more popular amongst homeowners, there are various accessories, colours and materials that can help you achieve this sought-after look.

Patterned Accents

The perfect way to add a touch of country elegance to any kitchen is by incorporating classic patterns into the décor. Patterns can be easily integrated into your kitchen using accessories and furnishings such as patterned curtains, coasters, placemats, cushions and even patterned floor tiles.

When adding patterns to your kitchen space, the key is to be selective to avoid the décor becoming overbearing. Floral, check, and plaid designs are ideal choices when considering country kitchen designs, though choosing any warm patterns can help create that cosy country look. Animal prints and outdoor scenes also help emulate the key aspects of country living, helping elevate your overall kitchen style.

Light and airy colour choices

When attempting to achieve a country kitchen style, it’s essential to ensure that your space is bright and open to help make the space more inviting. Even if you are working with smaller kitchen spaces, you can still easily create a beautiful open room. Using white as your focus colour is the perfect way to do this as it ensures your patterned accessories stand out whilst also keeping the space light and airy.

The combination of patterned accessories teamed with a white focus colour prevents the space from becoming too plain and one dimensional. Incorporating white tiles is also a valuable way to maintain the brightness in your kitchen whilst also keeping the space visually interesting.

Glass kitchen cabinets

Another helpful way to create the illusion of space within your kitchen is to install glass-fronted cabinets. The transparency of the cabinets helps to make your kitchen look more open, reflecting light and encourages you to maintain a well-organised storage space. 

With cutlery and kitchen items on display, this can make your kitchen look more lived-in, preventing the space from becoming too sterile. When achieving a country kitchen look, the primary goal is for the space to have both charm and character, welcoming all those who enter.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is a popular method of creating country kitchen chic as it evokes a rustic charm. The best ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your kitchen is through fittings and fixtures such as worktops, kitchen cabinets, dining tables and chairs. You could even use the reclaimed wood to produce support beams, creating a truly rustic kitchen style. Reclaimed wood contains a unique warm hue which allows you to maintain that cosy and inviting vibe synonymous with a country kitchen style.

Reclaimed wood is also a more sustainable option, given that it is made from recycled materials, lessening the impact on the environment. The recycled materials also make reclaimed wood a more affordable solution when purchasing kitchen furniture.

Antique objects

Finally, an obvious choice when aiming for country kitchen appeal is to incorporate an array of antique objects into the space. Whether you dig out old ornaments which have been in your loft for years or embark on an antique hunt through second-hand shops, placing a few select antique pieces in your kitchen can help you attain that country kitchen vibe. Items such as antique serving plates, bottles and coffee pots are excellent items to proudly display in your kitchen to radiate country living charm.

In addition to antique objects, installing features such as a farmhouse sink is a perfect way to create a country kitchen vibe instantly. Large farmhouse sinks are not only functional but also help brighten up your kitchen due to the white ceramic material. With these sinks dating back to the 16th century, they are an ideal way to add a traditional yet rural feel to your kitchen.

Well-chosen fixtures and fittings go a long way when looking to emulate a country kitchen. To accompany a stylish, traditional kitchen, it’s equally important to choose chic kitchen taps to complete the overall look. Whilst our boiling hot water taps at FahrenUK use modern technology to provide you with instant access to boiling water; they also come in a range of styles to help you maintain your desired country kitchen décor. From rose gold swan neck taps to brushed gold square neck taps, we have a variety of options to compliment your country kitchen.

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