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Fahren UK Transforms Interior Designer Carole King’s Kitchen

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For interior designer and home influencer Carole King – who runs one of Britain’s top ten-listed design blogs, Dear Designer – time is a precious commodity as she balances blog writing with design projects.

Carole King is also one of the founding members of the UK’s first digital-only interiors magazine, Heart Home, which aims to champion new and upcoming interior designers. Besides blog writing, she also follows and documents the latest interior design trends to more than 35,000 followers on social media.

Instant hot water taps are convenient for busy people

With such a busy schedule, Carole’s life has been made more convenient and sustainable with Fahren UK’s K&W brushed gold instant boiling water tap.

Fahren Gold Hot Tap Straight On

Being an avid tea drinker, she initially had reservations about having an instant boiling water tap installed, but the addition of this trending item has transformed her lifestyle.

“Although the kitchen is near the top of my list for redecorating in the new house, I didn’t really expect the renovations to start with a new tap. But sometimes, you receive an offer just at the right time that you can’t refuse.

“To simply call it a tap doesn’t do it justice at all.”

Fahren UK boiling water taps are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional and sustainable, reducing plastic wastage and carbon emissions – as Carole discovered.

We gifted Carole Fahren’s K&W Brushed Gold Swan Neck 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap, which comes complete with a compact 2.4L boiling water tank, leaving ample room for kitchen supplies in the space under the sink.

Our K&W Boiling Water Tap can dispense boiling, chilled filtered, hot and cold mains water, which Carole described as a huge bonus.

“Great tasting water without buying bottled, or keeping a jug handy that does take a while to filter water through. Now I have filtered cold water on demand, I’m helping to reduce plastic waste, and of course, I’m reducing limescale buildup.”


Gold 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap in Action

Not only is she enjoying excellent tasting water, but she can also make the cuppa she prefers – we all know that we should make lighter teas such as green and white with cooler water.

“Even though the water temperature is set to 98 degrees C,  there are actually 5 preset temperature settings available to choose from, so tea and coffee can be made as preferred.”

A great alternative to a kettle

The instant boiling water tap has also made her feel better about her impact on the environment. Unlike the more traditional kettle, which is often overfilled and reboiled, our boiling water tap only dispenses the required amount of water.

Fahren’s boiling water taps also washed away Carole’s fears over safety.

“It’s worth noting that the beautiful swan neck does not get hot at all when in use, so it’s perfectly safe.

“Another safety feature is that to operate boiling water; you have to press and twist, making it impossible to accidentally turn it on. As soon as you remove your hand from the handle, the boiling water stops. Both good things to know if you have children or elderly people around.”

The Fahren UK boiling water tap fits seamlessly into Carole’s country-style home, and the brushed gold finish adds warmth to the kitchen while complementing the white metro tiled splashback. Take a look at the full range of gold hot water taps across our collections.

Carole said about her K&W Instant Boiling Water Tap:

“I chose a swan neck because it’s elegant and traditional in design. And I chose brushed gold because in the not too distant future, the kitchen will get a makeover featuring black cabinets, white tiles and brushed gold handles and knobs. I can already see it in my mind’s eye, and the tap will be a stunning centerpiece rising from the white worktops.

“But you may prefer a more contemporary square neck, or you may prefer matte black, gun metal grey, chrome, brushed nickel or rose gold.

“There’s no shortage of colour options and designs available on the Fahren UK website.”

Thinking about Buying an Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap?

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