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Choosing The Perfect Boiling Water Tap For Your Office Space

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  • How to upgrade your office space and make it safe for returning coworkers
  • The convenience and functionality of boiling water taps for offices
  • Best kitchen supplies for office kitchens post-pandemic 

Office workers have gradually returned to commercial spaces following the lifting of coronavirus restrictions in the UK.

Although many businesses have adopted flexible working arrangements, with thousands of workers now allowed to combine working remotely and in the office each week, several firms have asked their employees to return to offices full-time.

There has been mixed reception about returning to work in the office. Some employees say it has provided some normality, and others have raised concerns about health and working conditions.

Office Workers at Work

What’s the official advice in England?

The UK government advised workers to return to offices after removing coronavirus restrictions on July 19th 2021.

During a House of Commons speech, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that returning to the office would be vital to rebuilding a productive workforce. He also said that while social distancing rules will no longer apply, the manager’s responsibility is to put official safety guidance in place and carry out COVID risk assessments to manage risks to employees and customers.

The UK government has since published a Plan A and a Plan B for England if coronavirus cases spiral out of control.

Plan A and Plan B Autumn and Winter Plan for England

Plan A focuses on pushing out the vaccine rollout, with:

  • booster jabs for over 50s, the most vulnerable and health workers
  • single jabs for 12-15-year-olds
  • encouraging unvaccinated individuals to come forward

If the NHS continues to struggle under Plan A, the UK government will launch Plan B, which could include:

  • advice to work from home 
  • compulsory face coverings in some indoor venues
  • coronavirus vaccine passports

Plan B could also be fast-tracked on short notice if COVID-19 data is particularly concerning.

If you’re responsible for managing health and safety in the office and want to create a space that will make your employees and customers feel comfortable, you’ll need to invest in new, innovative technologies.

Don’t fret; that doesn’t mean you need to fork out thousands to make your building more functional. Instead, there are small changes you can make that will significantly impact health and wellbeing in the workplace, such as fitting an instant boiling water tap in the office, which supports the hydration of your employees and reduces the likelihood of queuing for hot water.

How to Upgrade Your Office Space With a Boiling Water Tap

From providing hot water to pure filtered water in an instant, Fahren UK taps are being chosen by many companies who want to improve their office space and create a frictionless, safe working environment.

Whether you are considering implementing a hybrid working model or want to return all your staff on a full-time basis, businesses need to assure their employees that the office poses no threat to their health.

Employees want more from office spaces post-pandemic and not just fun perks but solutions that will benefit and support their health and wellbeing, which is part of the reason why hot water taps have become increasingly popular in commercial venues. 

Office Kitchen

The question many business owners are now facing when choosing boiling water taps is: “Which faucet is most suitable for my office?”

From boiling water-only taps to 4-in-1 faucets, Fahren UK is here to help you choose the perfect instant hot water tap for your office. There are several factors you need to consider when selecting a boiling water tap for your office space, including:

  • Style, colour and design
  • Functionality
  • Room available to house the boiling water tank

Boiling Water Taps: Style, Colour & Design

According to a recent survey, refurbished offices now outstrip new builds, meaning more businesses are investing in existing spaces rather than constructing new ones.

When heavily investing in your office space, you’re going to want to create an environment that aligns with your company culture and complements the style and design of the current space.

Fahren UK prides itself in being a leader in the field of boiling water technology, and our taps, which perform at the highest standards, have been designed to suit a wide variety of work surfaces and kitchens.

Whether you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic or want colours, shapes and tones to do the talking, Fahren boiling water taps come in a range of designs, finishes and colours that fit seamlessly into the modern office space.

Choose from two designs – the traditional swan neck or more contemporary square neck – and six colours within our Celsius Collection:

Meanwhile, our Kellen & Willian collection features stunning curves on its hot water taps, and an etched diamond design on the spout and finger grip for an added luxury feel. Our boiling water tanks are also digitally controlled with an LED touchpad and come with a dual-action carbon and calcium filter to remove impurities from your water.

Boiling Water Taps: Functionality

Functionality is at the forefront of design and style, which is why Fahren UK offers taps capable of dispensing cold, hot, boiling and filtered chilled water.

Our electronically controlled taps are also energy-efficient, requiring significantly less energy than a kettle does to boil. Furthermore, unlike a kettle, boiling water faucets only dispense the necessary amount of water, reducing water wastage and helping you save on your water and electricity bills. See all the benefits of a boiling water tap.

All Fahren taps are fitted with safety mechanisms, meaning the taps can only be activated when a button is pressed and held in position. Once the hand is removed, the instrument returns to safety, reducing the risk of scalding and accidents. Furthermore, our instant hot water taps are fitted with aerators, which shape the water flow to ensure there is no splashing when preparing your hot drinks. 

Boiling Water Taps: How Much Space Will I Need?

Rent for office spaces in UK cities tend to come at a premium rate, and new features aimed to improve the working environment can also take up much-needed space.

Business owners have to think about how to maximise every square foot of space. How will this new feature benefit employees? Is it environmentally friendly? Can it create a more functional working environment?

Fahren UK has long understood the need for efficient, sustainable and space-saving solutions; that’s why our boiling water tanks are relatively compact. But don’t worry – you’ll still be able to make enough “cuppas” for all your employees every hour!

Our boiling water tanks are designed to maximise the space under the sink, meaning that even the smallest offices can take advantage of our luxury boiling water faucets and not compromise on storage.

Choose from a 2.0L tank in our 3-in-1 range or a 2.4L tank for Fahren UK’s 4-in-1 designs. Our K&W Collection even comes with a bespoke blue boiling water tank – suitable for any kitchen or office space.

Wondering what other cool gadgets you could incorporate into your office space? We’ve outlined some appliances and supplies you could introduce in your office to upgrade the area.

The Best Kitchen Supplies for Your Office Post-Pandemic

Flexibility has risen to the top of the agenda concerning office spaces due to the impact of COVID-19.

With more employees set to return to work in person over the next few months, it’s time to re-evaluate your office space to accommodate flexible working and provide cleaner, more efficient workspaces.

Here are some affordable, space-saving solutions that you might want to consider introducing in your office to prevent crowding and increase productivity.

Countertop Dishwasher

If you lack the space for a built-in dishwasher and have a countertop to spare, opt for a countertop dishwasher that will accomplish the same goal. Even if most of your employees order takeout for lunch, the convenience of a portable dishwasher is unmatched, lightening the cleaning load for all your coworkers.

More often than not, these nifty gadgets don’t require plumbing, and since there are no technicalities involved, you won’t even need expert help to set it up.

These compact dishwashers tend to have between five and seven wash cycle options, user-friendly controls, plate and drinkware racks. Furthermore, as most are fitted with wheels, the dishwasher can be easily manoeuvred and put away when not in use.

Some more expensive options even come with rinse options, delay buttons and brushless motors for exceptionally quiet cleaning.

Tea & Condiments Organiser

If you’re not drinking coffee in the office, then you’re probably drinking tea. Even if you’re drinking neither, you’ve probably rooted around in the office kitchen for condiments, which are more often than not thrown into a drawer.

Why not purchase a tea and condiments organiser, invented with convenience in mind. Tea and condiment organisers are even more beneficial for smaller kitchens to keep clutter away and simplify the space.

Waterproof Keyboards

Common household disinfectants have increased in price over the past few months as retailers seek to take advantage of the increased sanitation needs brought about by COVID-19. 

Hygiene has also become a massive concern for employees returning to work, and bosses need to respond to ensure workers feel safe in the workplace. If you cannot afford to give each of your staff members their own laptops or have adopted a flexible approach where you hot desk computers, you could consider purchasing waterproof soft-touch keyboards.

These waterproof keyboards are dishwasher safe, meaning they can undergo thorough cleaning to provide everyone peace of mind during this uncertain time.

Other popular post-pandemic kitchen office items include:

  • Coffee maker
  • Fridge bins
  • UV sanitising phone holders
  • Touchless gel sanitisation stands
  • Sensor or foot pedal bin


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