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Why should I purchase an Instant Boiling Water Tap

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Have you dreamt of having instant hot water at the touch of a button? If yes, then you may want to consider investing in an Instant Boiling Water Tap and receive the luxury of hot water without the need to wait for your kettle or saucepan to boil.

Not only will an Instant Boiling Water Tap free up surface space and remove the visual clutter of a kettle or saucepan, but as it is a more permanent addition to your kitchen, its lifespan is also much longer.

If you’re considering introducing one of these luxurious taps to your kitchen, continue reading our expert guide, which will help you decide whether an Instant Boiling Water Tap is worth waving goodbye to your traditional faucet.

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What are the main benefits of a Boiling Water Tap?

As mentioned in the name, you can reduce your waiting time for hot water by three minutes with one of our Instant Boiling Water Faucets – a saving of approximately 18 hours a year, and that’s for an average of one hot drink a day!

A new scientific study has also found that more germs are lurking on a kettle handle than on a bathroom toilet seat. Fahren offers hands-free motion-sensor Instant Boiling Water Taps, which enhance hygiene while ensuring your taps remain fingerprint-free.

While used primarily for making hot drinks, these types of faucets can also reduce the time it takes to prepare food such as rice and pasta, thaw out frozen food and sterilise crockery.

Instant Boiling Water Taps also help to reduce your water wastage and conserve energy – saving you money in the long run.

A recent study shows that more than 60% of the population overfill kettles during each use, and as a result, 3500 tonnes of energy is wasted each day.

Not only will you be reducing your local and global carbon footprint with an Instant Boiling Water Faucet, but as you don’t have to wait for the kettle to boil, you’ll benefit from significant savings on your water and heating bills.

According to Npower, it costs approximately 2.5p every time a kettle is boiled, compared to a Boiling Water Tap, which will cost you an average of 3p a day. If you’re using your faucet constantly throughout the day, that’s a significant saving!

Furthermore, as these taps disperse water at a lower pressure, you won’t have to worry about any potential splashing – peace of mind for those with children.

Types of Instant Boiling Water Taps

There is a variety of Instant Boiling Water Taps available and given that these innovative faucets can dispense hot water, cold water and filtered water – they offer something for all. 

Boiling Water-Only Taps

As the name suggests, this tap only supplies boiling water. It often installed by a plumber alongside your traditional hot and cold water faucet.

3-in-1 Boiling Water Taps

The 3-in-1 tap is an innovative design that offers cold water, hot water and boiling water feeds by combining hot and cold water taps. The 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap is a popular choice as it is capable of fulfilling several functions 

4-in-1 Boiling Water Taps

Our 4-in-1 boiling taps offer hot, cold, boiling and filtered water, and as only one tap is needed, it provides a sleek finish to your kitchen. – visit Fahren’s product page to view our wide range of 4-in-1 designs.

What should I consider before purchasing a Boiling Water Tap?

If you have a family, it’s essential to consider safety when purchasing a boiling water tap to avoid the risk of burns to children.

While some taps come fitted with lower pressure systems, you may want to consider models that come equipped with child safety mechanisms if you require additional protection. These Instant Boiling Water Taps only allow boiling water to be dispensed when a button with a spring lock is pressed.

Other boiling water tap systems come complete with safety locks, where boiling water can only be released when the mechanism is unlocked.

Remove impurities with carbon filters

Consider purchasing a carbon filter that removes the chlorine-like taste from your water and reduces limescale build-up, ensuring you receive the purest water possible.

If this is of interest to you, note that most carbon filters have a lifespan of six months, so Fahren advises factoring in the cost of replacements when purchasing your boiling water tap.

How hot should tap water be?

Ever thought: How hot is tap water? The answer is it varies.

Most boiling water taps dispense water at 98ºC, Fahren offers faucets with up to five different temperature settings to give you greater control over your water temperature.

While 98ºC is slightly lower than the actual boiling point for water at 100ºC, the majority of water produced at this temperature would be converted into steam, making it unideal.

Space under your water outlet

Have you considered whether you have a sufficient amount of space under your sink to house the tank?

Although the tank is compact, you will need to ensure ample room for it to be installed. 

How to install an instant hot water heater?

Most hot water tanks are fitted underneath the sink as they can be directly linked to your water supply. Usually, you will only require a plumber to fit the hot water tank. 

You may also want to consider how often you use hot water. If you frequently use hot water, you may wish to purchase an Instant Boiling Water Tap with a large tank. Most tank capacities range from 1.7 litres to 7.6 litres.

Instant Boiling Water Tap FAQs

How to get instant hot water with a tankless water heater?

Boiling Water Taps function in the same way as traditional faucets but with the added luxury of dispensing hot water in an instance.

After connecting the tap to the mains electricity, your boiler heats and stores water in the dedicated tank at a temperature of 98ºC – ready for use at any time.

If you have purchased a multi-purpose tap, these are connected to the main water supply to allow you to obtain cold, hot and boiling water. A filter is fitted into 4-in-1 fixtures to provide users with purer water.

Will boiling water faucets work without a filter?

Yes, but be aware that the tap will more than likely become blocked from a limescale build-up. Fahren advises purchasing a filter to extend the lifespan of your Instant Boiling Water Tap.

How often should I change my filter?

Most manufacturers advise changing your filter every six months to ensure water is kept pure. However, this also depends on how often you use the tap, so if you use boiling water frequently, you may need to change your filter sooner.

Also, note that if you live in a region where there is a hard water supply, limescale is likely to build up quicker. Descale the tip of the spout monthly with white vinegar to prevent blockage.

Should I get a tap aerator?

While a tap aerator is not essential, as it directs water into one powerful stream, it’s a great accessory for your Instant Boiling Water Tap.

By creating a more substantial flow of water, tap aerators reduce your water consumption, which, in turn, decreases your water expenditure. Tap aerators also prevent splashing, an added safety feature for those with children or concerned about scalding themselves.

Can I get a colour that suits my kitchen?

Yes, at Fahren we have a range of colours that suit almost any kitchen style. You may want a gold hot water tap or perhaps you’d chose a prefer a classic silver tap. Along with our matte black taps, our rose gold boiling taps and our famous gun metal grey… there are plenty of options to chose from.

Thinking about Buying an Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap?

Our range of instant boiling water taps will not only save you time in the kitchen but can instantly add a touch of class and contemporariness. View our Celsius Collection and Kelen & Willian Collection of premium quality instant boiling hot water taps


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