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The difference between a boiling water tap and an instant kettle

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The days where we all had no choice but to sit around and wait for the kettle to boil are long gone. Thanks to technology, various appliances now allow you to get access to instant boiling water at the push of a button. From boiling water taps to instant kettles, these kitchen additions will save you copious amounts of time as well as providing a contemporary look.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, you may be wondering how a boiling water tap differs from an instant kettle. How much do these appliances cost? Does one have more benefits than the other? We will cover these points in this article to help you make the right choice for your kitchen.

What is an instant boiling water tap?

An instant boiling water tap comes in a range of different styles, all to provide you with instant access to boiling water. These taps offer multiple settings from instant boiling water to filtered cold water, mains cold water and mains hot water. Efficiency is the aim of the game with boiling water taps, allowing you to grab hot drinks on the go without the need to wait around for a traditional kettle to boil.

What type of hot taps are available?

Fahren have a fantastic range of 4-in-1 taps, that dispense boiling, hot, cold and filtered water. We also have a great range of 3-in-1 boiling water taps, which dispense just boiling, hot and cold.

You can get our taps in various colours and two different styles:



What are the advantages of a boiling water tap?

Whilst the upfront cost of a boiling water tap can be costly (low-end taps cost around £500), it could help your household save money in the long term. Boiling 1.5 pints of water in a traditional kettle costs around 2.5p each time and, with households often using it multiple times a day, which can mount up. However, an instant boiling water tap costs around 3p to keep on standby each day, which is a significant daily saving.

Installing a boiling water tap into your home can also help your household become more sustainable. Wasting litres of water from overfilling your kettle can become a thing of the past, as boiling water taps ensure you only use the water you need and help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Boiling water taps are safe within family environments as they include child safety locks to ensure they cannot be accidentally turned on and insulated sides so no one inadvertently scalds themselves.

For those after a minimalist kitchen style, boiling water taps help save on worktop space, creating extra room for preparing meals. With a range of materials and styles available, they are a chic addition to any kitchen.

What are the disadvantages of a boiling water tap?

As mentioned previously, instant boiling water taps are costlier than an instant kettle. Whilst low end boiling water taps are around £500, high-end taps can see you paying over £1,000. Whilst these taps can help you save money in the long term, it’s essential to factor in the significant upfront cost.

It is possible to install a boiling water tap yourself; however, it may be preferable for those who are not DIY savvy to seek the help of a plumber. Whilst installation is relatively straight forward; there is more effort involved than simply plugging in a kettle.

It’s also important to factor in that new replacement filters will be needed around every six months.

What is an instant kettle?

Instant kettles (sometimes called instant hot water dispensers) are countertop appliances that also provide you with instant hot water, but you must fill up a tank of water beforehand. Instant kettles also offer a range of temperature settings, and there is also the option to select a pre-set, so the kettle knows just how much water to release without the need to hold down the button.  

What are the advantages of an instant kettle?

An instant kettle is a much more affordable option than a boiling water tap, with kettles ranging from £30 – £80. They are also straightforward to install, just needing to be plugged into a mains power socket. Ultimately, an instant kettle will also help you save time, not needing to wait around for a traditional kettle to boil.

What are the disadvantages of an instant kettle?

Whilst instant kettles may be affordable, their most significant setback is that the water released will not reach the high temperatures of boiling water taps, which can hit up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Some instant hot water dispensers release water more slowly than others, and the small tank means only limited amounts of water can be released in one go.

Instant kettles can also take up a lot of valuable worktop space and do not make the same stylish statement as a boiling water tap.

Should I buy a boiling water tap or instant kettle?

When deciding whether to choose a boiling water tap or an instant kettle, it’s essential to think about your budget and kitchen style preferences. An instant kettle is a handy option for smaller budgets, though it will not be as efficient as a boiling water tap. If you can spend a bit more, boiling water taps come with many benefits and will be a stylish addition to your kitchen.

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