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Kitchen Kettles are a Hotspot for Germs

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  • The kitchen kettle contains more bacteria than the toilet seat
  • Kettles are the second-biggest germ hotspot in the office
  • Minimise spread of bacteria with a boiling water tap

Are you wondering where to start your spring cleaning? Well, you might want to give your kettle a good wipe down.

For most Brits, the kettle is as much a kitchen staple as the fridge and the tap, and as a result, few can imagine their homes without one. Unfortunately, however, new research shows that the kettle is a breeding ground for germs.

Kitchen Kettle

The research findings come when high-level cleaning in homes and offices becomes more important than ever following the coronavirus pandemic.

The Kitchen Kettle Contains More Bacteria Than a Toilet

The coronavirus pandemic has made people more conscious about practising good hygiene at home and in the workplace.

With many people spending more time at home post-lockdown, kitchens have evolved into a multi-purpose space, making them more prone to bacteria and viruses. However, as people return to offices following the easing of COVID restrictions, it’s also essential to understand the germiest areas in the workplace.

According to a study commissioned by Microban 24, kettle handles harbour more bacteria than toilet seats.

It’s easy for the kettle to become an afterthought when it comes to cleaning, as we often associate bacteria breeding grounds with toilets and bins. However, kettles might not be the best option for keeping your home or office germ-free.

Aston University Microbiologist Dr Jonathan Cox performed a swab test every day on a range of household surfaces and items, including:

  • Bathroom taps
  • Door handles
  • TV remotes
  • Toilet seats
  • Set of keys
  • Bin lids
  • Kettles

During the experiment, he found that the toilet seat harboured less bacteria than the kettle handle and the TV remote. Although the bin lid contained large amounts of bacteria, the kettle handle was abundant with staphylococcus aureus – a gram-positive bacteria often present in the nose, armpits, groin or under skin folds.

The study, conducted on 2,000 UK adults, found that most Brits don’t regularly clean surfaces or appliances that are touched multiple times a day. For example, only 10% admitted to cleaning the toilet and flush as part of their regular cleaning routine, while 29% stated they don’t regularly wipe down their door handles.

Dr Jonathan Cox said that high bacteria levels found on these surfaces were unsurprising as they are frequently used.

He stated: “If you think about how regularly you clean those different environments, it may be less surprising.

“Hopefully, people will think a little bit more about where and how they are cleaning and not just keeping those same surfaces continuously clean every day.”

Separate data from a leading international brand of professional cleaning wipes, Chicopee, also found that kettles were germ hotspots in the office.

Kettles are a Breeding Ground for Germs in the Office

Chicopee, which manufactures sustainable cleaning cloths capable of removing 99.9% of bacteria, swapped various surfaces in British offices to test the amount of colony-forming units (CFU) of aerobic bacteria, yeast and mould per cm2.

The results of the study found that the breeding grounds for germs in the office were:

  • Computer mouse (580 combined CFU)
  • Kettle (336.6 combined CFU)
  • Fridge (295 combined CFU)
  • Laptop (264.8 combined CFU)
  • Bathroom lock (188 combined CFU)

The study results echo Microban 24’s findings, as the toilet seat doesn’t even enter the top ten, let alone the top five high-risk touchpoints in the office, while the second biggest germ hotspot in the office is the kettle.

Microban 24 also found that 55% of people wash their hands after coming from a public place, and 50% admitted that they don’t worry about bacteria inside their homes.

Meanwhile, more than 25% of adults don’t wash their hands after using the toilet – a stomach-churning thought if you live or work in a communal space.

It comes after the study revealed that adults spend just 90 minutes cleaning their home during the average week, with almost 80% of survey respondents expecting cleaning products to offer lasting protection against bacteria when this is rarely the case.

In fact, every time you touch a surface, you can redeposit germs.

Touchpoints such as the kettle handle, which comes into contact with different people multiple times a day, are dirty because they are often missed during the cleaning regime.

To reduce the number of bacteria in your home, you might want to consider installing a boiling water tap, which is much more likely to receive regular cleaning.

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Fahren UK offers a range of boiling water taps, including 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 models, which eliminate the need for a kettle and help to minimise the spread of germs at home and in the workplace.

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Our hot water taps are also fitted with an innovative filtration system to reduce limescale build-up and remove harmful contaminants while retaining the healthy minerals to ensure you receive the purest water possible.

As these faucets dispense boiling water, you can also use them for sanitising, making them the perfect kitchen appliance for your cleaning needs.

Besides being a hotspot for bacteria, kettles can often give the kitchen a cluttered look, and the wires are a danger to children and vulnerable adults.

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