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How To Improve Your Kitchen In Time For Christmas

Reading Time: 6 minutes
  • Add a lick of paint to your kitchen cabinets
  • Invest in a boiling water tap
  • Upgrade the kitchen sink to reduce clutter
  • Set the mood with a tablecloth and accent lighting

After 2020, which was the year of COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainty, Britons seem more determined than ever to make the most of this year’s Christmas.

We’re all hoping that restrictions remain lifted enough to allow everyone to spend the festive season with their nearest and dearest. Even if this year has been a challenge, it will be nice to end 2021 on a high and get into the season’s spirit. Whether it’s going to be quiet for you or every corner, or you’re the designated host for this year’s Christmas dinner, you’ll want to make sure your home, and especially your kitchen, looks beautiful for the holiday season.

Christmas Kitchen

While few want to admit it, the Christmas countdown is well underway. After so many families missed out last year, many of us are planning on making this year’s festive season even more special – and so comes the inevitable temptation to revamp your kitchen.

On average, a new kitchen can cost £8,000; even budget kitchens can carry a steep price tag. However, with a few innovative tweaks, you could create a bespoke kitchen without having to dig too deep into your pockets.

Although it might seem like living spaces get most of the attention, it’s the more functional areas of your home that tend to need TLC and one of the primary social hubs of the house during the holidays is the kitchen.

Whether you’re cooking, preparing appetisers or cracking open a bottle of wine, it’s one of the most important spaces in the house for storage, communication and seating – you can see why the kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home!

So, to help you get ready for one of the most stressful days of the year, we’ve covered some easy ways you could improve your kitchen in time for Christmas.

Give Your Kitchen Cabinets A Makeover

Instead of purchasing a brand new kitchen unit, you could breathe new life into your kitchen cupboards by simply changing the doors or adding a fresh lick of paint.

 If you want to create a new look for your kitchen, changing the doors will be a more dramatic transformation. Several companies offer new cupboard designs to fit existing frameworks, such as Norfolk-based Naked Kitchens and South London’s Pluck and Wood & Wire.

If you want to save on pennies, the more affordable option would be to paint your kitchen cabinets. We recommend removing the doors before painting them to avoid the possibility of the paint running or dripping onto your countertop, but if you lack the space or can’t remove them, cover hinges with masking tape and lay down newspaper to protect your surfaces.

Read our easy guide on How to Prep and Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets.

Update Your Kitchen Floors

It’s no wonder that the first thing people often do when it comes to remodelling the kitchen is rip out the flooring, as a new floor can create a clean, sleek look in the heart of the home.

Whatever your style or budget, flooring can make or break a room, so it’s a step that should be considered when upgrading your kitchen. If you’re after an inexpensive option, you could sand and varnish your existing floorboards providing they’re in good condition. If not, add a few coats of floor paint to conceal any scuffs and still produce excellent results.

If you want your floors to look the same now and in ten years, consider laying down a glazed tile that doesn’t stain and will never need to be resealed. Ceramic tiles can be a budget-friendly solution and if you’re worried about chips or cracks, add a rug for peace of mind, which will also make the space feel cosier.

Brew Tea Without Missing Out On The Festivities by upgrading to an Instant Boiling Water Tap

Now, if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed over Christmas (besides an Eastenders Christmas special), the host will spend a considerable amount of time making hot drinks for the guests.

Instead of constantly refilling a kettle or saucepan and waiting for it to boil time and time again, there’s now a way for you to make hot drinks in an instant, thanks to the Boiling Water Tap.

We think you’ll be surprised at how much of an impact a boiling water tap could have on your kitchen’s overall style and functionality. Even if your kitchen isn’t that tired, upgrading your kitchen faucet can be a room-altering decision.

Replacing your standard taps with an instant boiling water tap will allow you to spend more time enjoying the festivities and less time hovering over the kettle. These taps also come fitted with safety mechanisms to avoid accidental scalding, meaning you won’t have to worry about making any hospital trips over Christmas.

While some boiling water taps can be pretty expensive, Fahren UK offers affordable, high-quality taps. Our premium 4-in-1 boiling water taps, which also provide filtered and mains hot and cold water, is available for less than half the price of Quooker’s version.

Fahren UK’s 4-in-1 boiling taps are also available in six colours and two designs – the timeless swan neck and modern square neck style – designed to suit any kitchen.

Wondering where to fit the boiling water tank? If you have restricted storage space, Fahren UK’s boiling water tanks at either 2L or 2.4L are suitable for those with limited space in the under-counter cabinet, so you won’t have to worry about reorganising all of your kitchen cupboards.

The boiling water tap will make life more convenient even after Christmas, perfect for cooking, sterilising bottles, and making cups of tea. Take a read of our Complete Guide on Instant Boiling Water Taps and find out if it’s the right choice for you.

Upgrade the Kitchen Sink

Even if you own a dishwasher, the amount of washing up that accumulates over Christmas can cause your kitchen sink to transform into a mountain of pots, pans, crockery, cups, roasting trays and cutlery. Worse still, the mess could spread to your countertops.

If you can relate, perhaps it’s time to invest in a brand new kitchen sink that better suits your needs in preparation for the busiest time of year.

The on-trend farmhouse kitchen sink is a good option for those with larger families or who do a lot of entertaining at Christmas due to their deeper basins, making them efficient for soaking and washing larger dishes.

Farmhouse sinks are also versatile, coming in a range of materials and sizes as well as single and double basins for increased flexibility. However, the farmhouse sink can be on the pricier side, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive solution, perhaps opt for a standard deep kitchen sink. If you have the budget to spare, look for a sink with a drainboard to help keep your countertops clean and dry.

Keep The House Warm and Welcoming

It tends to feel warm when everyone is together at Christmas but remember that we’re in the winter season, so the kitchen could get a little cold, especially if your current radiator is on its way out.

If you’re having trouble with your heating and have already tried bleeding your radiators, try calling out a workman to inspect the boiler to see if that helps. However, if you’re still out of luck, it might be worth investing in more efficient heating solutions.

Suppose you have limited space or want to be a little different. Then why not consider installing a vertically-oriented radiator, which comes in many different colours, styles and finishes to suit even the most colourful kitchens.

Kitchen family fun at xmas

If you want to really wow your guests, what about a designer radiator? We’ve seen some incredibly creative designs that can refresh your interior and emit heat efficiently.

Lay the Table

According to a study published in the “Food Quality and Preference” journal, people eat more, stay seated for longer and rate the taste of food higher when eating around a dining table with a tablecloth.

While this might seem a little hard to believe, the study, which examined the experiences of 159 people, found that neutral-toned table cloths created the best conditions for eating more and enjoying the flavours of the food more intensely.

So, now you’re armed with the science behind enjoying meals, it’s time to spruce up your kitchen or dining room table with some beautiful linens, as aesthetics and ambience go hand in hand with meal enjoyment!

Set the Mood

The tablecloth isn’t the only way you can engage the senses to enhance a meal, as lighting also sets the mood for cooking, eating and entertaining.

Besides the fact we need more light during the winter due to reduced daylight hours, with some people in the UK only getting 7 hours of daylight on Christmas Day, lighting can also cleverly alter the architecture of your kitchen.

In food preparation zones, you might want to introduce lighting under your kitchen cupboards to help you focus on cooking tasks. In eating areas, perhaps consider mood or accent lighting, which is softer and tends to make people feel more relaxed.

Dimmer switches are great for setting the mood and, when combined with accent lighting, can help guide the eye to points of interest in the room and add an extra dimension to your kitchen.

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