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How To Pick The Right Kitchen Sink to match your instant hot tap

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When upgrading your kitchen, it can be challenging to narrow down the right choices for fittings and appliances with so many options now available. Kitchen sinks are a vital aspect of any kitchen, being used multiple times a day for various purposes. As is the kitchen tap. Whether you have a modern, contemporary or traditional kitchen… style and function play a part.

As a result, it’s essential to consider size, functionality and style when choosing a new kitchen sink.

With a vast range of kitchen sink styles on the market, knowing which sink is suitable for your kitchen can be difficult to establish. This article looks at the range of elements to consider when choosing a new kitchen sink to ensure that you make the right decision.

Choosing a kitchen sink material

There are several common materials used for kitchen sinks, each which provides their own set of benefits.


Stainless-steel sinks go really nicely with our silver hot water tap collection and are an incredibly popular choice in the kitchen due to their high level of practicality, being hardwearing and easy to clean. Stainless-steel sinks are also a popular option due to their affordability and contemporary look. There are several kinds of stainless-steel sinks, including polished, silk, brushed and linen. The only disadvantage to a stainless-steel sink is that it can become scratched if not cared for properly.


Composite sinks consist of granite stone dust and acrylic resins, creating the look of a granite sink at a fraction of the cost. Composite sinks are ideal for modern kitchens and can endure high temperatures as well as being hardwearing. A disadvantage of composite sinks is that they can become discoloured over time if exposed to harsh chemicals.


Ceramic sinks are perfect for traditional style kitchens as they have a classic look. Whilst ceramic sinks can last a long time when cared for correctly; they can become prone to staining over time.


Concrete sinks have a beautiful modern look but are a costlier option. Concrete sinks can be purchased in their natural colour and customised to various colours and finishes, including being polished to a high gloss.


Corian is also a stunning looking material but is also one of the more expensive options. In addition to being a stylish choice, Corian also offers high durability and easy maintenance.

Choosing a kitchen sink to match with taps

When choosing a new kitchen sink, it’s essential to make sure that you also pair it with the right kitchen tap to create a cohesive look. A large modern-looking sink will be best paired with a chic kitchen tap, so keep this in mind when you are browsing.

Choosing the right size kitchen sink

The size of your kitchen will determine the suitable size for your kitchen sink. Large, open kitchens have the freedom to opt for large farmhouse sinks with double basins, as well as draining boards and waste disposals. For smaller kitchens, there are a variety of more compact kitchen sink options also available.

Choosing the right kitchen sink configuration

Whilst it’s essential to choose a kitchen sink configuration that is aesthetically pleasing, it is also crucial to select a practical setup that fits in with the size of your kitchen. Smaller kitchens may want to opt for a single bowl sink with a combined drainer to save space.

For kitchens with a little extra workspace, there is the option of a 1.5 bowl sink which contains a small section next to the main sink allowing for additional cleaning and draining if the main bowl is full.

Larger households with sizable kitchens may wish to opt for a two-bowl sink which will allow plenty of room for washing large pots and pans.

Choosing the best kitchen sink shape

Once again, choosing the right kitchen sink shape will depend on the size of your kitchen. Circular kitchen sinks help to save on worktop space. However, most circular sinks come without a draining board, so this will need to be purchased separately, or you could purchase a dish rack. Coroner sinks are another great space-saving option, and designing around this feature will allow you to create the most efficient kitchen layout.

For larger kitchens, your options are unlimited as you have the flexibility to choose large square or rectangular sinks such as Butler and Belfast sinks.  

Choosing a drainer option

Whilst many kitchen sinks already come with a drainer; you can also buy one separately. Universal drainers can be placed along either side of the kitchen sink and contain two holes; one for the tap and one sealed with the tap hole stopper. Alternatively, you can get specific right-hand or left-hand drainers. If you choose this option, it’s vital to purchase the right sink and drainer to ensure everything is configured correctly.

An ideal place to position a drainer is over a dishwasher. However, the appropriate position will depend on your kitchen what worktop space you have available.

Choosing the right kitchen sink primarily comes down to your budget and the size of your kitchen overall. Regardless of the space available, it is possible to get a stylish and affordable kitchen sink, whatever the size. When updating your kitchen, choosing a chic kitchen tap is equally important. At Fahren, our elegant range of high-quality boiling water taps will be the perfect accompaniment to your new kitchen. Take a look at our full range on the Fahren UK website.

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