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Boiling Water Tap Cleaning and Maintenance Guidance

Reading Time: 4 minutes
  • Cleaning your instant hot water tap
  • How to clean matte black taps specifically
  • How to extend your boiling water taps’ lifetime
  • Best cleaning solutions available
  • Changing hot water tap filter

The instant boiling water tap is slowly creeping onto every homeowner’s wish list, and it’s easy to see why.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the boiling water tap is designed to make your home more environmentally friendly and your life more convenient, making it the perfect kitchen upgrade.

Many of our clients have told us that they can no longer imagine their life without this stylish kitchen gadget, and choosing a Fahren UK boiling water tap, certainly brings many benefits to your home.

We have several collections available and various types to choose from:

  • 3-in-1 taps: Dispensing hot and cold mains water and boiling water.
  • 4-in-1 taps: Dispensing hot and cold mains water, boiling and chilled filtered water.

All of Fahren’s taps are safe and easy to use. Our 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 taps come fitted with safety mechanisms to prevent accidental scalding and dual-action calcium and carbon filters to ensure you receive excellent tasting water.

If you’re thinking about entering the next era of kitchen functionality and installing a boiling water tap, here’s how a Fahren UK tap could benefit you.

Boiling Water Tap - use case

Firstly, Why Should you Get a Boiling Water Tap?

Other than making cups of tea and coffee in an instant, the advantages of a boiling water tap include:

  1. Streamline countertops: Eliminating the need for a kettle frees up work surface space and makes the kitchen look less cluttered.
  2. Quick-cooking: Gone are the days of waiting for the water to boil in pots and pans!
  3. Energy-saving: You only dispense the required amount of water, which reduces water and energy consumption.
  4. Safety: The safety mechanism protects vulnerable people in the home and reduces strain on the wrist as you do not need to lift a heavy kettle.
  5. Time-saving: Did you know some kettles can take up to four minutes to boil? You receive hot water instantly with a boiling water tap, freeing up time to tend to more important matters.

The instant hot water tap can save you money in the long run while simultaneously upgrading the kitchen space. But for you to truly enjoy the benefits of this stylish faucet, maintenance and care are vital to extending its lifetime. 

Especially if you own or are considering purchasing an on-trend matte black or timeless brass tap as keeping these faucets looking brand new requires a more delicate approach to cleaning.

Guidance on cleaning your tap

The best method for cleaning your fabulous new tap doesn’t actually require much magic at all. The best solution for a general hot water tap that isn’t matte black is good old soap and water. 

Firstly, make sure your water is soapy and warm. Get yourself a soft cloth and rinse the tap to remove any stains or marks that may have become apparent since the last time you used it. 

You do want to be careful when using alternative and abrasive cleaning products. Some products may leave a stain on the tap which could damage its exterior and as such, invalidate your guarantee. This is why we recommend soap and water which does the trick.

With regards to the digital boiling tank that sits beneath your sink, please use a dry cloth to clean the body and face of the tank. This will only require an occasional cloth and is just for housekeeping purposes really. After all, it’s not usually on show!

How to Clean a Matte Black Tap

Unlike their chrome counterparts, which reflect light, matte black taps are designed to absorb light to create a smooth, low-gloss finish.


The processes used to create this stunning finish make these taps a little more sensitive than other finishes to chemicals and cleaning solutions, which is why it’s important to learn how to properly care for your matte black instant boiling water tap.

To avoid spoiling the finish and maintain its sophisticated style, do not use the following items to clean your matte black taps:

  • Abrasive cleaning equipment such as scourers or brillo pads
  • Bleach
  • Chemical-based cleaning solutions
  • Homemade acidic cleaners
  • Polish
  • Wax

We advise using warm soapy water and a soft microfiber cloth to avoid scratching or marring the surface of your matte black taps.

Also, avoid putting in too much elbow grease when cleaning to prevent wearing away at the matte coating. Although the processes used to make taps matte have been tested for durability, you still need to be careful when cleaning.

Here are some other tips about how best to look after your boiling water tap and keep it in top condition.

As well as matte black, Fahren also sell:

Change the Filter

One of the main benefits of a boiling water tap is that you don’t need to clutter your work surfaces with additional appliances such as a kettle or hot water dispenser. Moreover, these appliances can become breeding grounds for bacteria and have significant limescale build-up.

Fahren UK boiling water faucets are fitted with dual-action Carbon and Calcium purity filters to prevent limescale build-up and ensure you receive the highest-quality water on over 1000 litres of drinking water! These filters last an average of six months; however, households that live in hard water areas might have to replace the filter more frequently.

Replacement filters are available for purchase on the Fahren UK website. We advise changing the filters within the recommended six months to maintain optimal performance and keep your warranty active.

Our innovative Filter Monitoring System will notify you when the filter needs replacing, which are incredibly easy to install. Watch our guide on how to change a Fahren UK tap filter.

Cleaning Solutions

You can use most of the cleaning solutions you use to keep your kitchen free of germs on your boiling water tap – providing it’s not matte black.

Use a soft cloth and warm water with a mild detergent solution on your tap, and rinse thoroughly with warm water to clean before drying off with a clean cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals as they may damage the tap and void your warranty.

Never clean the boiling water tank without switching off the electricity supply, which could cause serious harm.

Thinking about Buying an Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap?

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