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How Safe Are Instant Boiling Water Taps?

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  • Are boiling water taps a safe choice for every household?
  • How can I keep my children safe when using a boiling water tap?
  • 5 instant boiling water tap safety features

“Are boiling water taps dangerous?” “How safe are boiling water taps?” “Is it safe to drink water from boiling water taps?” Our new clients frequently ask these questions.

At Fahren UK, we firmly believe that boiling water taps are a safe choice for every household.

It’s no surprise that market demand for instant boiling water faucets is heating up, with the multi-purpose tap making life at home more functional and convenient. However, the growing popularity of this stylish kitchen gadget has also triggered a rise in misconceptions about how well the tap functions.

K&W Transparent

Are Boiling Water Taps Safe?

Absolutely. In fact, boiling water taps are safer to use than a kettle or saucepan.

There’s no heavy lifting involved, thanks to the faucet being fixed to the sink, and as Fahren UK boiling water taps have lower water pressure, you don’t have to worry about splashback.

Some kettles also have long cables, which could be pulled or grabbed by little hands, causing the entire appliance to topple over.

If you boil water on the stove, you’ve also got to consider the risks associated with an exposed flame or scorching hob surface, especially around young children.

However, as “hot boiling water” and “safe” are rarely combined in one sentence, we understand that homeowners, especially those caring for vulnerable adults or young children, will be particularly wary as kitchen safety is the number one priority.

While boiling water taps are relatively easy to use, it’s worth doing your research to find a faucet that will give you and your family peace of mind. Look out for integrated safety features such as insulated spouts and child-friendly safety sprung handles that are featured on all of our 4-in-1 and 3-in-1 hot water taps.

All of Fahren UK’s boiling water taps come fitted with these safety mechanisms, among various other features, to prevent scalding and protect people at home.

Unlike other boiling water tap retailers, Fahren UK oversees the entire manufacturing process to ensure we understand our products better than anyone else and can guarantee quality.

Thanks to our innovative technology and specialised safety features, rest assured that you can use our products without worrying about putting your family in harm’s way.

All of our 4-in-1 and 3-in-1 taps deliver a smooth flow of filtered boiling water at the push of a button and feature child-safety sprung handles and a hold-and-twist safety button as an extra precaution, making it impossible to dispense water accidentally.

The dual Calcium and Carbon feature also prevents limescale build-up and bacteria so that you and your household receive fresh, great-tasting water.

Boiling Water Tap Safety Features

If you’re considering getting your hands on an instant boiling water faucet, here are some safety features to consider to help you make the right choice for your household.

Child-Safety Mechanisms

Choose a boiling water tap with two-stage safety features such as those within our Celsius Collection and K&W Collection, which have been extensively tested to ensure safety.

To dispense water, you have to press, twist and hold a button in place.

The Safety Mechanism
Safety Mechanism on our Rose Gold Tap

Once you remove your hand, the switch returns to safety, and the flow of boiling water is immediately stopped – simple, effective, safe!

Insulated Spouts

To reduce the risk of scalding and burns further, choose a boiling water tap with an insulated spout.

Spout on our Matte Black Tap

The insulated spout will make a massive difference to those with young children, especially in their early years when they learn through touch.

Sometimes our reactions to protect our children from injuring themselves are one step short, which is why we decided to insulate our spouts to give homeowners more control in the kitchen. The surface of the fixture will remain cool to the touch even during dispensing boiling water.

Smooth Flow of Water

With the water temperature of some boiling water taps reaching highs of 100°C, getting a tap that operates at slightly lower pressure will prevent the water from splashing or spitting uncontrollably.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

All Fahren UK faucets come fitted with digitally-controlled LED boiling water tanks with temperature control settings to allow you to set the temperature of the water as you desire.

You can reduce the water temperature down to 75°C – a perfect temperature for those who like more delicate teas such as green and white.

Filtered Water

Our internal health is just as important as our external health, and so it’s worth choosing a boiling water tap that can dispense filtered water to ensure your household receives cleaner water.

Most of the well-known brands on the market offer filtered water, which is beneficial as it protects your body from disease by removing impurities such as bacteria, chlorine and microbes from the water.

Drinking pure water also promotes healthy skin, supports digestion and supports immune system function. Fahren UK’s calcium and carbon filter also prevent limescale build-up to help extend your product’s lifetime.

Furthermore, installing a 4-in-1 boiling water tap will cut down on plastic contamination and waste by eliminating the need to purchase bottled water, meaning you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment!

If you’d like to see one of our taps in action, book a virtual demonstration appointment with one of our experts. Alternatively, browse our complete collection of boiling water taps by visiting our website, where you can check your options and shop by colour to help inspire your latest interior design ideas.

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