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Black Friday 2021: The Best Deals And How to Find Them

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  • Why did the UK embrace Black Friday?
  • Fahren UK planning massive Black Friday sale
  • When is Black Friday?
  • Shopping Tips for Black Friday 2021
  • What’s the history behind the term “Black Friday”?

With Black Friday right around the corner, now’s the time to get yourself ready for the occasion, which we expect to be spectacular in 2021.

Although Black Friday 2021 falls on November 26th, we expect retail sales to kick off early this year as retailers use the extravaganza as an opportunity to get rid of old stock and introduce new styles ahead of Christmas.

Retailers will also be keen to make up for lost sales following the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, with solid growth reported year on year for this busy period as customers take advantage of reduced prices. That’s why we’re going to get you up to speed with everything you need to know about Black Friday deals to ensure you don’t miss out on cutting edge offers on your favourite products!

Sometimes retailers hike prices up ahead of Black Friday to make the discounts appear more drastic, so be wary of that when doing your shopping. However, sometimes you can access discounts weeks before the day of the occasion!

Last year we saw sales start as early as late October, with the event lasting a whole month instead of just a day or two in late November. While that was partly due to Black Friday being an opportunity to recoup sales lost due to COVID-19 lockdowns, it was also an extension of the event’s growing popularity over the last few years.

There’s no doubt that retailers will retake this approach in 2021, given its success last year. Do be mindful, though, if you choose to secure your deals early, as some of the most significant price drops are reserved for Thanksgiving week.

Black Friday

Why did the UK embrace Black Friday?

While Thanksgiving is not a British holiday, when the Black Friday frenzy travelled across the Atlantic from America to the United Kingdom, Brits saw the occasion as a chance to hit the sales and purchase Christmas gifts at a discounted price.

However, Britons don’t just use Black Friday as an excuse to purchase discounted novelty gifts anymore but to revamp their homes – including the kitchen.

Although shop closures and lockdown orders skewed Black Friday 2020 spending, Britons were estimated to spend £6.5BN during the event. Since then, UK residents have accumulated nearly £200BN in post-pandemic savings.

According to a Future plc survey of 2000 people conducted in June 2021, 82% of Brits will be engaging in Black Friday shopping this year, with 63% planning to use the annual price slash to complete DIY, painting, or re-decorating ahead of Christmas.

The survey, with participants split across gender, social class and age across the UK, also revealed that 42% will use Black Friday as their primary source for Christmas shopping, and more than 70% of respondents will have the same or more money to spend on the day.

Over the years, we have seen UK consumers increasingly use Black Friday to remodel their kitchens, with a recent report from showing that 12% of Britons will be seeking out the latest gadgets for the heart of their home.

And, why not? The event offers homeowners the perfect excuse to update their kitchen with new fixtures and fittings, such as a stylish boiling water tap which is fast becoming the item on everyone’s wish list.


Fahren Black Friday Message

Fahren UK planning biggest ever Black Friday sale

Our readers, who are the designated Christmas dinner hosts this year, have no doubt been tempted to invest in some new gadgets and appliances to make your kitchen the envy of friends and family visiting on December 25th.

Given that you could get all those gadgets and appliances you’ve been eyeing for a fraction of the price on Black Friday, it’s almost a no brainer.

Fahren UK is planning a massive Black Friday deal for all our customers to help you spruce up your kitchen before Christmas. Our Black Friday sale will be our biggest yet, with a 20% discount available for the entire month of November!

Make a saving on some of our most popular boiling water taps, such as the Celsius Collection – a 4-in-1 faucet offering cold, hot, chilled and boiling water. Faucets within the Celsius Collection are available in two different designs, and six different colours, complete with a touch-sensitive LED display and temperature control settings, allowing you to tailor the water temperature to your liking.

All our 4-in-1 instant boiling water taps, including the Kelen & Willian Collection, also come with a five-year guarantee, offering much longer protection than more well-known brands such as Quooker to give you peace of mind.

There is plenty to look forward to for the upcoming Black Friday, so be sure to bookmark the Fahren UK homepage if you want to secure the best offer on a luxury hot water tap designed to streamline your kitchen and make your life more convenient.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of Black Friday and discover the top tips for making the most out of the unmissable occasion, continue reading.

When is Black Friday 2021?

In 2021, Black Friday falls on November 26th, meaning you still have time to sort out your finances and prepare for one of the biggest sales events of the year.

However, expect discounts to start dropping early, as seen last year, with retailers introducing offers towards the end of October.

Where will the best Black Friday deals be?

Hundreds of retailers will be offering Black Friday deals, including US tech giant Amazon, which is expected to create a section dedicated to the event, with TVs, headphones, smart speakers, beauty and fashion available at significant discounts

Of course, other retailers will also be offering deals. For example, Fahren UK will be bringing you some of the best deals on boiling water taps for the whole month of November, with free gifts also available.

Shopping tips for Black Friday deals 2021

Securing the best Black Friday deal often comes down to research – it’s no use purchasing a no good product.

Here are five tips our experts have put together to ensure you pay the lowest prices on Black Friday:

1. Research

Use the time you have in the run-up to Black Friday to read reviews of the products you’re considering buying and look at the features to ensure that it suits your needs.

You might also want to check previous sales to gauge the ideal price and have an idea about what you can expect to pay to help with your budgeting. Once you’ve got the price, specs and features noted down for the products you’re tempted to purchase, determine whether there are any you’d be happy to remove from your wish list if the budget is tight.


Black Friday Sale Label

2. Make a list of retailers selling the same product

Widening your net could be the difference between you saving and spending hundreds of pounds.

Make a list of retailers stocking the same item, which will help you determine whether you can get a better deal elsewhere and have a prepared list of stockists if your item sells out when you try to purchase the product from the initial retailer.

Although e-commerce websites tend to price match to remain competitive, some might offer additional incentives such as bundle deals or gifts to gain an edge over the competition. 

3. Set up online accounts with e-commerce websites

It’s always wise to open customer accounts with your favourite retailers, primarily for two reasons:

  • To receive exclusive emails about other additional offers, incentives or access to early deals
  • Save pre-payment details so you can secure your purchases as soon as deals land

Although the biggest Black Friday deals tend to be introduced during the week of Thanksgiving, you could be given early access to discounts if you’re subscribed to e-newsletters or have an account with a retailer. Early discounts mean less competition, meaning you could get your hands on big savings without worrying about your desired item selling out due to mass crowds.

4. Create a wishlist

Some e-commerce websites allow you to add products to a wishlist. If this option isn’t available, grab a pen and paper and begin noting down items you’re tempted to buy to save you from trawling through pages of websites until something catches your eye.

5. Earn as you spend

Are you thinking about splashing out on Black Friday 2021? Well, why not earn as you spend by signing up to websites such as Quidco or Topcashback, which offer cashback deals at more than 4,000 retailers.

Alternatively, you could use a credit card that rewards you for spending. However, remember to pay the balance in full every month to avoid damaging your credit score and increased interest rates.

Can I shop online safely during Black Friday?

Although Black Friday is a potentially lucrative time for cybercriminals, especially as customers tend to let their guard down a little to secure online bargains, you should be just as protected as you were when shopping during any other time of the year.

However, with inboxes becoming full of promotional deals in the lead up to Black Friday, it can be difficult to tell the real deal from the scam. To avoid falling victim to a scam, be selective about where you shop and only use sites that have an SSL certificate – you’ll know if a website provides secure payments by the lock icon in the search bar.

As online shopping has increased, retailers have taken more precautions and introduced cutting-edge technology to protect customers from cyber threats. Still, if you notice a suspicious email, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) asks that you report it to them, Action Fraud or get in touch with your bank as soon as possible.

You might also want to check return policies and warranty periods if a deal seems too good to be true, especially if you land on an unfamiliar website. If you can, purchase your Black Friday deals with a credit card that offers an additional layer of protection as credit companies can help you contest payments if you never received a product.

Black Friday: What is the true story behind the name?

The earliest evidence of the usage of the name Black Friday dates back to around 1961 in Philadelphia, USA. However, the first known mention of the term can be traced back to 1869 and let’s say that the true story behind the phrase is far darker.

Many people believe the term Black Friday was coined due to stores becoming profitable during the shopping experience then head into “go into the black.” While some people think it was used to describe workers calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving so that they could have an extra day off work.

The first mention of the phrase was used by two US investors, Jay Gould and his partner, Jim Fisk, who tried their hands at cheating Wall Street and drove up the price of gold, causing the stock market to crash. As a result, foreign trade halted to a standstill, and the stock market dropped by 20%, yet Gould and Fisk managed to escape the financial disaster.

Almost a century later, the US police began using phrases such as “Black Friday” and “Black Saturday” to describe the horrible traffic that occurred between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy game, which would require them to work long hours.

In the early 1960s, there was a movement to change the phrase from “Black Friday” to “Big Friday”, but it never stuck, and by the late 80s, the term had spread nationally.

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