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A Guide to Pull-Out Kitchen Taps

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When designing a new kitchen in today’s world, your choice of tap is no longer a feeble decision. With an ever-growing range of styles and functions, from instant boiling hot water taps to pull-out kitchen taps, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

Pull-out kitchen taps have become a popular choice over the years as they resemble taps often used within restaurant kitchens. The pull-out ability can make it easier to perform various kitchen tasks whilst adding a professional touch to your kitchen.

This guide covers everything you need to know about pull-out kitchen taps to help you make the right decision when choosing the perfect tap for your kitchen.


Are there different types of pull-out kitchen taps?

There are a variety of pull-out kitchen taps, all ranging in price and functionality.

Professional style pull-out kitchen taps

Professional style pull-out taps are the style that often comes to mind when people envisage a pull-out tap. This pull-out tap style is commonly used in restaurant kitchens and is becoming more popular for home usage, coming in handy for food preparation. Professional style pull-out taps are also reasonably affordable, also making them a common option.

Spring-loaded pull-out kitchen taps

As the name suggests, spring-loaded pull-out taps contain a spring that allows you to place the tap back in the stand easily. This type of tap is an upgrade to the traditional weighted pull-out tap. With Spring taps, you’ll have to keep hold of the spout whilst the tap is in use as it immediately recoils back into the stand once let go. This feature can be both beneficial or a hindrance depending on your preferences. If you are likely to want to place the tap down momentarily, it may be best to go with a weighted option.

Pull-out spray taps

How water flows out of your pull-out tap will vary depending on whether you have a spray tap or an aerator tap. A spray tap contains multiple flow settings, where the water releases in a shower-like fashion or a regular constant flow. Spray taps can be particularly useful for cleaning and the ability to choose from multiple settings. Naturally, this option is costlier than a tap with one flow setting, so it’s best to assess what functionalities you want from your tap.

Pull out aerator taps

Unlike spray taps, Aerator pull-out taps have one constant flow. Whilst this may not be as practical for cleaning, they are great for rinsing off fruits and vegetables and filling up pots and pans. Aerator taps are straightforward and usually a cheaper option, making them a popular choice.

Taps with a separate hand rinse

Some pull-out taps come with a separate hand rinse, which stands alongside the pull-out tap. This option can be favourable as you have the benefit of a stylish tap with the addition of a handy pull-out tap, meaning you don’t have to compromise on style and functionality.

Do pull-out taps come in different styles?

As with most tap types, pull-out kitchen taps come in a range of finishes and materials to suit any style of kitchen. Finishes include nickel, chrome, brushed stainless steel, brass and anthracite. With such a variety of options, it’s easy to find something to suit your personal taste.

What are the benefits of pull-out kitchen taps?

There are various reasons people are veering away from standard traditional taps and onto more specialist options such as pull-out taps and instant boiling water taps. One of the primary reasons is that these taps are much more stylish and provide a more contemporary look and feel to your kitchen.

Pull-out kitchen taps can be considerably more functional than a traditional tap as it can be easier to clean stubborn stains off of dishes, areas around the tap and sink, as well as rinsing off food items. You can even use your pull-out tap to water any indoor plants you may have near your sink area.

These types of taps are also very easy to use, with a handy extending tap available at just a simple pull away.

How much do pull-out kitchen taps cost?

Pull out kitchen taps can vary significantly in price, in the same way as instant boiling water taps. A low-end pull-out tap can cost around £100, whilst a high-end pull-out tap can reach up to £1,000. The price will vary depending on finishes and materials, as well as which particular type of pull-out type you choose to go for.

Is a pull out kitchen tap right for me?

When making the right decision for choosing a new kitchen tap, it’s important to think about what’s most important to you in terms of functionality. Pull-out kitchen taps are useful for cleaning and can be an affordable option.

However, if efficiency is a key priority in your kitchen, it may be more beneficial to consider an instant boiling water tap. These taps provide various temperature settings at the touch of a button, helping you save time in the kitchen. 

Making a list of your priorities and setting a budget can help you make the right purchase when browsing through tap options.

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