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5 Reasons Why You Need A Boiling Water Tap

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Boiling water tap

There are many great reasons you should invest in a hot water tap. They’re incredibly stylish and functional and add value to most kitchens. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should invest in a boiling water tap today.


You use far less energy than you would use heating a kettle several times a day. A Fahren Tap provides instant boiling water thus saving you precious time. Saving water also as any unused standing kettle water is usually replaced with fresh water from the tap. Instant Boiling Water taps provide you with instant hot water at the push of a button. This saves you an incredible amount of time as there’s no more waiting around for the kettle to boil as part of making your favourite cuppa, essentially 3-5 seconds. So you can accommodate more guests and spend more time enjoying that perfect cuppa with more friends.

Bespoke Designs

Fahren instant boiling water taps are some of the most state of the art designs on the market. Equipped with a boiling water tank these taps are some of the best in the UK. These taps complement your kitchen giving it a modern design that is perfect for your viewing pleasure. A Fahren tap not only does 4 things in 1 tap but it also compliments all kitchen sinks within the UK. Instant hot tap water is an experience to be had and if you haven’t yet made the investment please go ahead.

Our instant boiling water taps come in the following colours:

Find the perfect colour to suit your kitchen.

You are investing in technology

Traditional kitchen taps have been around for years and our advanced technology brings you forward to the future. Instant hot water has been a work in progress for many years but the genius of the boiling water tank changes that reality. Since it has an instant boiling water heater built within the tank this advanced technology takes your home and kitchen to the next level of our future.

A boiling water dispenser in the form of a beautifully crafted tap turns your daily routine into an optimized system that will help your cooking and of course your perfect cuppa. Available in various colours so the craze about having black taps is also met with ease.

Cost saving

The cost of heating kettles is 2.5p and on average a kettle is heated 5 times a day (more in businesses) therefore costing 12.5p a day compared to the cost of the Fahren instant boiling water tap of just 3p a day. A kettle takes approximately 3 minutes to heat from full, therefore over the course of the day a person typically waits 15min for kettles to boil compared to no waiting with a Fahren instant boiling water tap.

Save on water costs – Most people heat a full kettle to make one cup of tea/coffee, and then return a few hours later and end up replacing the kettle water, this leads to a lot of waste and can be avoided with a Fahren instant boiling water tap.

Save the planet

Reduction in energy waste and reduced water waste and a reduction in plastic waste.

Since Fahren instant boiling water taps provide filtered cold water therefore there is no need to be buying bottled water. Let’s work together to protect our environment and stop plastic from ending up in our oceans and beaches.

There is no more plastic waste going out into the ocean as there simply is no need for plastic bottles. Some of the other companies out there are also raising awareness of this great technology like a Frankie tap. Think about the health benefits you receive since you can have a filtered water tap at your fingertips every time you need that dose of H20. However, which way you look at it instant hot tap water is a game-changer.

Many people haven’t even thought about a boiling water dispenser as they’ve been accommodating traditional kitchen taps for so long but the time is now to make the change and be ahead of the game with your home technology. Do yourself good and treat your kitchen sinks to the best taps in the UK. We have three awesome collections that come in a range of colours. Shop today:

K&W Collection

Celsius Collection

Kelvin Collection

Thinking about Buying an Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap?

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