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Call us on 020 3988 2278 

Celsius 4 in 1 Instant Boiling Water Taps

Our Celsius Collection 4 in 1 hot water taps provide instant filtered boiling, filtered cold, hot and cold water. Combine chic design with 4-in-1 functionality to bring both style and usability to your kitchen.

Celsius Collection

The Celsius Collection instant boiling water tap system consists of 3 key components: a tap on your worktop, a digitally controlled water tank in your kitchen cupboard and a dual-action Calcium and Carbon Filter. There are various tap designs to choose from, ensuring you can find the right aesthetic for your kitchen. 

Instant boiling water is activated using a child-safe lock and can only be operated by pushing down on a button, twist and hold. As soon as you remove your hand, the safety catch returns to safe and is switched off – keeping your family safe throughout use.

Fahren’s boiling water tank comes with a built-in filter life indicator feature which has a touch-sensitive LED display and controls the temperature from 75 – 98 degrees.

All our products are manufactured from the highest grade international food standard materials.

Our collection of taps come in 6 great colours to match your kitchen appliances and colour scheme for that extra luxury look and feel.