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K&W - 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap - Swan Neck - GMG

Colour: Gun Metal Grey
  • Beautifully Crafted 4 in 1 Tap
  • 2.4L Digital Water Boiling Tank
  • 2 Anti Scale Water Filters

4-in-1 Features: Instant Boiling Water, Filtered Cold Water, Mains Cold Water, Mains Hot Water

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This item: K&W - 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap - Swan Neck - GMG £ 899.00 £ 899.00

9 in stock

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KW Gun Metal Grey Square Boiling Water Tap 1
KW Gun Metal Grey Square Boiling Water Tap 2
KW Gun Metal Grey Square Boiling Water Tap 3
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KW Gun Metal Grey Square Boiling Water Tap 6

Key Features

  • Child Safety Lock on Tap
  • 2.4 Litre Capacity Water Tank with Anti Scaling Filter
  • 5 preset temperature settings – 75°C/85°C/90°C/95°C/98°C
  • Filter Monitoring System
  • CE Approved
  • WRAS Approved
  • Digital Touch Sensitive On/Off Control on Tank
  • Powered by a standard 13 amp plug
  • Boiling Water Tank is accurate to within 0.5 °C
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4-in-1 functionality offers instant boiling water as well as mains cold, mains hot and filtered cold for the best possible tasting drinking water time and time again.

Our K&W instant boiling water taps feature beautiful etched diamond designs on both the spout and tap finger grip.


Child-friendly safety sprung handles require you to hold and twist a safety button, so the tap cannot be knocked and turned on unintentionally.

Product Dimensions

Worktop / Sink hole diameter ø 35mm


Have limited space? A mini water tank (175mm x 195mm x 288mm) is available upon request, please contact us for further details. 

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Our video outlines the features and design of our boiling water taps. 

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This Swan Neck 4 in 1 Instant Boiling Water Tap contains everything you want from a stylish kitchen tap. The colour finish provides the perfect modern look whilst the swan neck makes for a striking statement. Cheaper daily running costs than a kettle The ‘4 in 1’ features make all of our taps ideal for any kitchen whether it be the home or the office. Instant boiling water taps can more cost-efficient in the long term as it is less expensive to run on a daily basis than boiling a kettle several times a day. No more wasting water Read our guide on instant boiling water taps to understand that they are better for the environment as the design of the push, twist and hold button means that you only release the water you need. This innovative design means that there is no chance of overfilling the kettle and wasting water. The addition of a boiling water tap in your kitchen could be the step to a more efficient and sustainable future. Our priority at Fahren is to make our customers' lives easier, which is why all our Kelen & Willian designs come with a years’ supply of filters, giving you consistent access to fresh filtered water. All of our taps use technology and innovation to help revolutionise your kitchen, helping you to save time and money in the process. All of our taps at Fahren use only high-grade materials so you can be confident that you are purchasing the very best quality. At Fahren, it's our priority to provide clean, great-tasting drinking water and instant boiling water safely and efficiently. We are also committed to reducing our customers' carbon footprint and use only the highest-grade materials in our products. We have spent the time perfecting our taps and technology's performance so that you can enjoy the benefits.